Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interracial Relationships From Both Points of View

It's often an interesting perspective to view the same relationship from both the men and women's points of view. This week I decided to tackle the same aspects of my current relationship: meeting for the first time, initial reactions, and overall attitude from my perspective and from my girlfriend's perspective to see what the differences are between a man and a woman, or the minority and the non minority in an interracial relationship.

First impressions:

My first impressions when meeting my current girlfriend were pretty simple. We had legitimately everything in common and I found her incredibly attractive. As far as first impressions go I couldn't really have had a better one. The only fear I had at the time was if she would not be interested in me because I wasn't white like she is.

Her first impressions of me were that I was a handsome, kind and funny person who she had an unbelievable amount in common with. Notice how race didn't even factor into that. She noticed how I was polite and opened doors and went out of my way to be cordial. She was afraid I didn't like her, but in hindsight it was all probably both of us just being too fearful to be forward with our emotions in fear of rejection.

Start of our relationship:

We had gone out a few times to dinner, movies, stuff like that, before we officially were in a relationship. We were both trying to keep it slow. I had just gotten out of a serious relationship and she hadn't been in one in years so we were both just trying to play it cool and not rush into anything.

I liked her a lot and knew from the second we hung out the first time and met in person I wanted to be in a relationship, but I knew it was more appropriate to wait and not ask right of the bat. I was more afraid of anything that the interracial aspect would be off-putting to someone who wasn't also a minority.

She says now she wanted a relationship too. She is more shy than I am and is reserved in a way that she is fearful to put herself out there emotionally unless I say something first. Once again race wasn't an issue. We were simply both very attracted to one another and it was never even really thought of on her end that we were anything but good together.

The bottom line:

The thing to note here with my current relationship is that, yes, on the surface we are an interracial relationship couple, but in our minds we simply care about each other. There's nothing else to it other than that. We are two people who happen to be from different ethnic backgrounds, but that doesn't mean anything other than what we look like. All that matters is that we care about each other, are attracted to each other, and work well together. At the end of the day that's all you can really ask for.

By Mark
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