Thursday, July 19, 2018

Advice for the “Parent-Rejected” biracial Relationship

It can be hard for a person to know that his or her parents may not approve of their relationship just because their partner is of a different ethnicity or race. We all love our parents and want them to be around on our special day, whether we see eye-to-eye on things or not. But, it can prove to be a difficult task especially if they are conservative and don’t wish to see us marry or even be in a biracial relationship with someone from another race or ethnicity.

Overcoming this situation can be difficult but it is not impossible. Couples need to put in a united effort and deal patiently with family members, and even friends. Hopefully one day they will start seeing the love and relationship you both have for each other and will accept your partner as they are.


You probably know your family’s behavior and habits the best. If you have observed that they are open to biracial relationships then consider yourself lucky because you most probably have nothing to worry about. But, if you know that they are going to be negative towards your relationship then its best to have a sit-down conversation. This will help them understand that you care about them and want them and your partner to get along. 


Your parents and your family can disapprove of the relationship all they want. But that doesn’t give them permission to talk low to your partner, be it in front of them or behind their back. Stand by your partner, protect them and respectfully tell your family to stop their comments. 


If you feel that your family disapproves of your relationship and that it is causing distance and problems among yourselves then talk to them about it. Try to know why they feel the way they do and ask them what it is that you could do to help change their opinion on the matter.


If your family cancels dinner with you and your girlfriend or boyfriend at the last moment or you see two family members whisper and giggle, don’t assume the worst. Give them benefit of doubt. Most probably they had a valid reason for canceling, and they could have been talking about anything! Continuously thinking what other people may be thinking about you and your partner can be tiring and is extremely unhealthy.


Just because you are in a biracial relationship doesn’t mean that your friends get to make jokes about your partner’s culture. Friends and even family often don’t understand that such comments can be extremely hurtful to the person. Politely stop them from making such comments, and when you get the chance, educate them about your partner’s culture and let them know why it could be hurtful towards them.

Being in an biracial relationship can be particularly hard if our parents don’t approve of it. Your parents coming from a different generation is often a big contributor. It is best to calmly deal with your parents and take small steps. Eventually, they will see how happy you make each other and will learn to accept and appreciate your love and respect for each other.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Differences Between Dating an African Woman and an African American Woman

White men who are interested in dating black women are increasing in number all around the world. But white men who live in African countries will have a much different experience dating black women than white men who are living in America.

Here are a few of the differences you can expect.

1. Values
While it’s not set in stone that African American women are lax with moral values, they don’t place the same importance on it as an African woman. This is mostly due to differences in cultures.

African American women are westernized and therefore have more western values. While they will likely have work ethic and other good qualities, they won’t be as bothered about things like family commitment, loyalty, and virtue.

Some men prefer African American women for this reason since they are more open and in touch with themselves, where African women let their cultures dictate a lot about how they live their lives.

2. Expectations
An African American woman might expect you to be a provider while she is a homemaker, but this is a lot less common than a traditional African woman expecting this.

While equal opportunity in the workplace is available in many African countries, most of the cultures in Africa place emphasis on women being mothers and wives.

3. Style
African American women’s style is unique and beautiful, but it’s undeniably westernized. African fashion will blow most people away with how unique it is.
Bright colors, beautiful patterns, and eye-catching jewelry are all par for the course when it comes to African fashion.

More and more African American women are starting to draw influence from traditional African styles, but nothing can beat the home-grown real thing.

4. Culture
African culture is not casual in the slightest. Heavy emphasis is placed on family bonds and people take care of each other.

It’s common for African villages to pool all their resources together to take care of the sick or elderly. Nobody gets left behind and nobody stays hungry in a tight-knit African community.

Unfortunately, this strong tribal mindset doesn’t make most African people too welcoming to outsiders.

It will be much harder for a white man to get into a relationship with an African woman than an African American woman. Once he is in that relationship, it will be much harder for him to be accepted into her culture, if he ever gets accepted at all.

5. Family
As mentioned above, African women care deeply about their family. This means that in the event that you are married to an African woman, she will want to be a mother to many children. Your home will also always have to be open to any of her family members in need.

If you’re traditional, you will likely share the same mindset. But this can be extremely smothering for a free-spirited man who wants his partner all to himself.

If you’re more independent and not as tied to your family, dating an African-American woman is definitely the easier option.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tips for dating black women

Independent, strong black women find it hard to find someone worthy. They want to be with someone that they can grow with, and not someone who would hold them back. If you find yourself in an interracial relationship with such a person then you should keep reading this article. We have gathered tips for men who want to be in a healthy relationship with black women.


A lot of black women notice this habit in men, especially in white men that they try to come off stronger, and bigger than they are. More than often, men on first dates will try to convey the message that they are against racism and that they hate it. Well, if the lady suspected you to be a racist in the first place then she wouldn’t be on this date with you, would she? All you need to do is relax and talk about some common topics.


Women appreciate a man who is in touch with his emotions. Words like “Men don’t cry” don’t only harm men psychologically, but also make it harder for them to open up to people later on in life. A man that talks it out when he is upset shows that he is mature and grown about it rather than someone who stops talking and sits pouting in a corner.


Growth is very important part of any relationship. A black woman wants to be with a man that will help them face life. They want someone who will have their back in good times and bad. In order for growth to be a part of the relationship, both of the partners need to be communicating. You need to be honest about your expectations from the relationship. Only when you know what it is that the other person wants, will you able to provide it.


It is always expected that men should pay the bill when eating outside etc. But, if she wants to pay sometimes then let her. It will not make you less of a man and it will definitely help her feel comfortable enough around you.  Be confident in what you make, and how much you can spend. It is a quality that will be appreciated.


In every argument, there is one person who is right, and there is one person who is wrong.  If you are the latter then have no shame in admitting that. Be mature about the situation, and come clean instead of blaming it back on her or beating around the bush. It is a gesture that will help the relationship in the long run and help you two get closer.

These are some helpful tips for men who want to date black women or are already in a relationship with them. These tips should help you strengthen the relationship further, and will help gain each other’s trust which is the most important part.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Common Struggles You May Face as a Non-Latin Male Dating a Latin Woman

So you’ve been looking for that perfect Latina to complete your life, and now you’ve actually found her thanks to a fabulous Latin dating site. Well congratulations are in order for sure, but what happens if you’re not Latin yourself?
For many new couples just starting out in a interracial relationship there are struggles and obstacles that pop up that you must face together. For a non-Latin dating a Latina, the obstacles can be a bit more pronounced. It’s wise to be aware of these issues so that you can better handle them, and come out stronger together.

Here are some helpful tips you can keep in mind.

Getting Past the Stereotyping

One of the biggest issues that tends to happen right at the beginning is trying not to fall prey to stereotypes. Even the best of us can get caught up in wrongly stereotyping someone or something and then end up in an unfortunate situation. The best advice is to clear your mind of these preconceived notions and thoughts and go in with a fresh perspective.

A good tip is to see things from your significant other’s shoes. What if the Latin woman you are dating was looking at you and buying into various stereotypes that face your culture. How would you feel? This is exactly the way she may feel if you were to do it to her.

Comments Made by Other People

It's unfortunate but even today interracial couples still face rude and derogatory comments from people. These types of Latin dating comments are always negative and hurtful and don't stem from any sort of truth, facts, or kindness. It’s important you build a tough skin where the comments are concerned, and learn not to let them hurt you or your partner.

Should the two of you face this issue, it would probably be a good idea to discuss how you plan to deal with it in the future. Decide if the two of you feel comfortable speaking up, and if so what you’d say. Maybe the both of you will decide you’d rather ignore it and let it roll off your back.

Sometimes You May Feel Like an Outsider

Even the most friendly families and friends can still leave you feeling like an outsider, no matter how unintentional it may be. If you don’t share the same cultural background, it can be hard to understand where each other is coming from at times. If you happen to be visiting with your date’s family, who are all Latin, then it’s only natural you may feel like a bit of an outsider.

In this case you should feel comfortable speaking to your partner, sharing your thoughts, and discussing ways to help you feel more included and more a part of things.

Look at the Obstacles as Learning Experiences

These obstacles can actually pose an excellent opportunity to take something that seems negative and turn it into a positive learning experience that the two of you can grow from. By tackling these issues together and finding common ground, you will actually be working to solidify your interracial relationship making you a much stronger couple.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Sentiment is separating racial hindrances in Britain with a sharp ascent in between ethnic romance, connections and maybe marriage in the most recent decade however white individuals remain the most isolated. It exhibits that unions between white British ladies and men from outsider groups were typical in regions where they were put together in the 1920s, 40s: from South Shields and Liverpool's Toxteth to Cardiff's Tiger Bay and London's Docklands.

The Era of Moral Condemnation: Mixed Race People in Britain, 1920-1950, demonstrates that in spite of the fact that they confronted preference from a few, blended race families made new groups in which those from various foundations swapped social conventions. It additionally investigates how official impression of blended race families appeared differently in relation to the way individuals experienced it.

Daily paper reports from the period depict blended neighbourhoods as risky and transgresses, overflowing with wrongdoing, prostitution and betting. Scholastics who examined what was frequently called the shading issue named ladies in blended connections as lower class and ailing in ethics; their kids as heart breaking social pariahs. Indeed, even the individuals who attempted to be thoughtful appeared to be not able imagine that blended youngsters could be raised in adoring, stable families. Government direction exhorted British ladies not to wed Chinese, Hindu, Muslim or Negro men and some out in the open office even required the presentation of hostile to miscegenation laws like those in South Africa at the time.


English creators frequently investigated issues relating to Black/White unions, totally to the avoidance of other interracial and interethnic pairings with a specific end goal to address the way of what was thought of as the societal issue of miscegenation. Hence, a significant part of the early writing concentrated on unions between people of African and European plummet, and talked about such connections for the most part in a pessimistic setting, in wording that have come to be recognized as bigot or White supremacist, for example, "miscegenation" and "race blending."

Later research still centred around communications between these two gatherings, thinking that people of African plunge and European drop still speak to alternate extremes along the race continuum and additionally inside the social chain of importance in the psyches of generally Americans. In fact, as per Emest Porterfield, "No other blend touches off such across the board judgment as Black White blending.

The accompanying assets talk about states of mind toward interracial connections from both in-gathering and out-gathering points of view; Psychology and relational advancement: Given that interracial connections were not thought to be normal before the social liberties time, the early research regularly focused on scrutinizing the inspirations of people in such connections.

Specialists frequently theorized that the essential reasons a man would have for making what was then idea of as a poor social choice, regularly with legitimate and even dangerous outcomes, included dysfunctional behaviour, absence of recognizable proof with one's own ethnic gathering, a craving to defy one's family or society, a solid interest or longing to participate in forbidden, and other contrary individual traits. While it is difficult to deny that some interracially combined people do, truth be told, coordinate at least one of these portrayals, ebb and flow explore finds that British who are interracially hitched or banded together are sound, gainful people, who have solid faculties of individual ethnic and racial characters.

The effect of social contrasts and societal dissatisfaction on the solidness of interracial relational unions, recognizing that outside weights and conclusions frequently compound officially existing conjugal troubles. Albeit much has been composed by social and behavioural researchers about directing and treatment with multicultural customers (i.e., customers whose race as well as ethnicity contrasts from that of the advisor), the creators watch that little consideration has been offered particularly to restorative mediations with interracial couples, adding to the absence of comprehension and components for treating such couples.

This especially difficult issue is talked about inside a system of postmodemist thought, for example, social constructionism, which, as indicated by the creators, recommends that what we know as the truth is built through cooperations with others.

You may check more advice about UK interracial dating on

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why Black and White Dating Is Such A Hot Trend

If you really think about what makes black and white dating such a hot trend it’s not that much of a mystery. What it boils down to is that there is something within the individual that you find attractive. You may be somebody who is instantly drawn to either a black or white culture. There may be certain aspects of an individual within that race or culture that you find so appealing. There are so many wonderful reasons why you may be drawn to somebody in a culture outside of your own. Our very differences are what keep things so interesting in the end.

Think about this for a moment-- black and white dating is a hot trend though it’s really nothing new. Black people have been dating white people and white people have been dating black people, and this has been going on for years. This is nothing new or unique but it is somehow suddenly accepted and on a very wide basis. Though this trend may not be new more and more people are opening themselves up to it and therefore seeing all the wonderful things that can come about due to it.

This Is Not New But Finally Widely Accepted

What this also signifies is that more people are approaching dating and life in general with a more open mind. They don’t necessarily see race or skin color anymore. They see an individual and therefore they date across a variety of different factors. That also means that black and white dating has become the hot trend that it has simply for the fact that people want to be attracted to the people that they like. They want to find love on their own terms and not on anybody else’s terms. They want to be open minded and approach dating with an open heart. That’s what all of this signifies and what makes this such a trend in the first place.

So while you may not necessarily be the type to go into this with an open mind initially you will quickly learn the true advantages of finding love in this way. You may find that you are totally drawn to people of a different race and therefore your eyes are opened to something new and wonderful. No matter what this hot new trend isn’t really that new altogether.

The idea and notion behind interracial dating is that you love who you love and you should actively seek them out on your own terms. That’s when you find meaningful relationships and people who really matter to you. Forget about your preconceptions or any negativity that you experience from anybody else. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

White Guys: Ways to Date a Black Woman

International dating is a great thing if you have lots of understanding and willing to connect two cultural backgrounds together. This is a nice way to know each other more, be more open-minded and have an overall knowledge about life.

Lots of Western guys are into dating a Black woman because they are super reliable, looking good and have sexy curves. Their chocolate skin tone turns guys on. If you are one of them, someone who is passionate in dating Black girl, we have few tips and tricks to make it successful.

1. Ask her out directly

Black girls like guys who are not afraid to speak up about emotions and feelings. If you like a particular chick and want to ask her for a date, just do it. Be confident and just ask if she is free on weekend. For sure this is the best way to catch up with black beauty.

2. Don’t pretend you are “Black”

Knowing your date’s culture and behaviors is a great thing for sure, however, pretending that you might come from the same background as she, is a big NO. You can be interested in local food, language, and religion but it seems like some Western guys after dating a Black girl for a while, try to be more “Black” than “White”.

3. Be ready for a serious commitment

In African culture marriage, having kids and taking care of family are most important. Every young girl is willing to find a proper guy to marry and give birth to kids as soon as it’s possible. You shall be ready that after a couple of months of successful dating, your Black lady might think about marriage already. Be aware that in African culture, children are family’s power so you might have a couple of them in future.

4. Don’t get into stereotypes

Sometimes when we are looking for foreigner partner, we are trying to catch up someone with best features connected with a particular country. We have some stereotype thinking that all people from Africa have same behaviors. This is obviously wrong. Not all features apply to every Black woman. You shall be looking at a whole person, not a one-dimensional archetype of a black woman because everybody is different.

5. Don’t make her awkward while dating

This applies to every situation while hanging out together. Do not try to touch her hair because they are curly and different structure; do not make any racist comments just because you think it might be funny. If you are one of the guys with kind of “Black girl fetish” it’s better for you to move on and do not date any Black lady at all.

6. Try different types of Internet dating

Black girls are into Internet relationships as well and your role here is to find perfect site to expand your love life. Even though they're thousand dating services out there, some of them are useless and not legit. Your mobile device is full of different dating applications like Filipina dating app, Russian dating app and of course Black girl dating app. Why don't you try them out?

If you are dating a Black girl, be sure to talk openly about skin color and problems which it might cause. Do not try to pretend you are cool because you had a chance to date someone with different skin color. To have full success you shall understand African culture and be ready to fight for your partner’s rights in society. Accept her as individual human being and don’t get into stereotypes. Then we can fully guarantee that your relationship will be a longlasting one.