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BlackWhite App Terms of Use

Black White is a dating app meant for people who are looking for interracial love on their mobile phone. Whether you are a registered member or not, you are bound by the terms and condition that will be listed below.

1. Accepting the terms set by Black White
BlackWhite as a dating app does provide its users with the following terms when it comes to using the site which must be followed.
i. Users must make sure that their profiles compile with contents that will be highlighted in this agreement
ii. BlackWhite as an app has the right to stop or make changes to the app

2. Registration Age
A very important criteria that one must meet before they register on BlackWhite App is to be at least 18 years of age. Anyone younger than 18 is and will not be allowed to have an account on this app because it is for adults.

3. Using this app
i. Users of BlackWhite need to pick a username that is unique and isn’t picked by anyone else plus a strong password to use their profiles. Users are not allowed to use this app to promote anything. Anyone who breaks this term may face legal action and have their account terminated
ii. Information, services, and features on this app belong to BlackWhite. They have all the rights to everything and none of that will be published, changed or sold anywhere.
iii.  Each and every user of Black White is fully responsible for any sort of content they put out on the app. Certain pieces of their information might be used to get the attention of third party advertisers.
iv. The user is free to terminate their profile whenever they like
v. Anything posted by users that are deemed to be discriminatory, promote any sort of violence, fake or spread hate is not tolerated on this app. Users found spreading such content will have their accounts taken down.
vi. Anyone found to promote porn, encouraging sexual violence, taking advantage of people or proposing sex in exchange for money and exploiting people under 18 years of age will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
vii. Users agree that the information they will provide on this app as far as interaction and creating their profile goes will not include any nudity or explicit language
viii. How users interact with one another is their responsibility and care is advised
ix. If system maintenance is taking place, Black White is not at fault if users are not able to access their account
x. Sending spam is not allowed on Black White App

If at any time users violent any of the terms and conditions above, Black White has the right to close their account

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BlackWhite App Privacy Policy

All the privacy policies show in this app explains how information that is provided by users of BlackWhite is protected. First and foremost, this app is managed as well as owned by the people at BlackWhite. This app is very committed when it comes to making sure that all its feel safe and has their privacy protected. When users agree to use this interracial app to find love, they agree to the policy that has been highlighted above. This policy is bound to change at any time and it is advised to check the app as often as possible to stay up to date with any changes if and when they are made.

What Information does BlackWhite App Collect
All the information that users who sign up for this app provide when they register is collected. The information includes their location, their date of birth, their given names and even their email address. Any other additional data may be gathered when users are using the app when looking for matches as well as interacting with other.

How does BlackWhite App Use This Information Once They Collect It?
The blackwhite app uses the information provided by their users in a number of ways
I. Provide a unique and magnificent user experience that carters to the needs, interests, and wants of each individual
II. Information helps developers to improve on their user experiences based on feedback by users
III. Make changes as well as improve the customer service department to ensure users with problems get the best help possible
IV. Ensure that the app has a smooth transaction process when users pay for membership or anything related to the site.
V. Keep users updated with news, promotions, changes or anything to do with the app by sending them emails

How Does BlackWhite Protect Their User’s Information?
Information from users is kept safe in a secure serve which puts users at ease knowing that none of their personal information will be leaked or accessed by any third party organizations or partners. BlackWhite has made a promise to never share, transfer or exchange any user’s information without a user’s permission.

How Do Users Control Their Personal Information On BlackWhite?
I. Users have the power to edit their personal information on the app at any time as well as request any other relevant information that is not true to be changed.
II. Users who wish to terminate their account with BlackWhite easily do so by contacting customer service.

BlackWhite App Contact Us

As a user, if you have any queries, concerns or wish to share any comments regarding our app, please get in touch with the BlackWhite support team who will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Below are some of the questions many users ask

Who Uses BlackWhite App?
Registration is free and this app caters to singles who are interested in dating people from a different race. If you are a fan of dating outside the team then this is the best place to search for love. Anyone who is single and is over 18 years of age can register on the app and begin looking for other singles in their local area.

Is there a way to make changes to my profile information?
Users can simply go to the “MY ACCOUNT” section of this app and make changes to the information they like. Swearing, solicitation of sex and nudity are not allowed on this app. Anyone found to be breaking this policy will have their account terminated/suspended.

What makes BlackWhite different from any other app?
This app is perfect for users who are looking for a long-term commitment or relationship because it makes users connect and communicate quicker with its awesome features. BlackWhite lets users create a profile very quickly and thanks to the Spark features, users can swipe left for people they are not attracted to and swipe right for those they are attracted to.

Does BlackWhite Keep My Information Secure?
All information provided by users is kept safe and is not shared or distributed without their consent.

I don’t want to receive email anymore, what do I do?
Users can change their contact preferences by going to the “MY ACCOUNT” section of the app. Once there they will see an option which allows them to control the type of messages or notification they receive as well as how often.

How Do I Deal With Suspected Fake Profiles?
The best way to deal with a profile or users you believe are fake is to report it to customer support. They will take on the matter and launch an investigation.

I want to close my account, what should I do?
Get in touch with customer support and they will walk you through the step by step procedure which ensures successful closure of your account.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Interracial relationship: What does PDA mean?

This article will explore exactly what PDA means as well as some of the do’s and a few don’ts. PDA or public display of affection is a phrase that many people use to talk about the physical attractions that couple show when they are in a public setting. This can be holding hands, kissing, light touches and cuddling.

Different types of public display of affection in detail
The question now is what exactly does the public display of affection actually mean in a relationship especially for black women white men dating? What many couples have no clue about is their public display of affection choice has some hidden meanings.

1. Holding hands – This is one of the easiest forms of public display of affection and has its meanings depending on how the couple is holding hands. If a couple’s fingers are interlocked with each other, this is a sign of true intimacy while a detached hold can mean little passion with a polite closeness. Anything rougher than that can let people know that there is trouble in paradise. If there are problems in the relationship, its best to deal with them in-house before you walk out the door because people can pick up signals if a couple is masking trouble in their love life based on how they hold hands in public.

2. Arm linking – This is a very socially accepted way to show affection to someone because it shows strength and unity as a couple. This is something that family member and friends can also do, however, when a couple does it, it comes across as very romantic and cute. The same rules as holding hands also apply here, don’t be rough or tag our partner a lot because onlookers can easily pick up on it.

3. Hands in pockets – When a couple walks with one hand in the other’s pocket, it can be a bit of a challenge to walk but adds an element of playfulness which displays a relationship that is easy going and fun. Careful to not accidentally pull your partner’s shorts or trousers down because you will both be red-faced when that happens. Always makes sure that your partner is happy and comfortable with you putting your hand in their pocket as you walk.

4. Kissing – This is a very powerful display of affection, however, the manner in which it is done does send a message to onlooker of the type of relationship two people have, especially for black women white men dating.  A very quick kiss to part ways with someone or great them will not raise any eyebrows because many people do it. Anything beyond that starts to make people around feel very uncomfortable. Couples who show affection by kissing in public let the world know that their relationship is beyond friends. There is a physical intimacy, it’s thriving and is a loving one.

5. Subtle touches – When couples exchange subtle touches, this shows a high level of comfort and flirtation. When a couple flirts in public, it shows people that there is a strong bond and that all is rosy in their world.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Advice for the “Parent-Rejected” biracial Relationship

It can be hard for a person to know that his or her parents may not approve of their relationship just because their partner is of a different ethnicity or race. We all love our parents and want them to be around on our special day, whether we see eye-to-eye on things or not. But, it can prove to be a difficult task especially if they are conservative and don’t wish to see us marry or even be in a biracial relationship with someone from another race or ethnicity.

Overcoming this situation can be difficult but it is not impossible. Couples need to put in a united effort and deal patiently with family members, and even friends. Hopefully one day they will start seeing the love and relationship you both have for each other and will accept your partner as they are.


You probably know your family’s behavior and habits the best. If you have observed that they are open to biracial relationships then consider yourself lucky because you most probably have nothing to worry about. But, if you know that they are going to be negative towards your relationship then its best to have a sit-down conversation. This will help them understand that you care about them and want them and your partner to get along. 


Your parents and your family can disapprove of the relationship all they want. But that doesn’t give them permission to talk low to your partner, be it in front of them or behind their back. Stand by your partner, protect them and respectfully tell your family to stop their comments. 


If you feel that your family disapproves of your relationship and that it is causing distance and problems among yourselves then talk to them about it. Try to know why they feel the way they do and ask them what it is that you could do to help change their opinion on the matter.


If your family cancels dinner with you and your girlfriend or boyfriend at the last moment or you see two family members whisper and giggle, don’t assume the worst. Give them benefit of doubt. Most probably they had a valid reason for canceling, and they could have been talking about anything! Continuously thinking what other people may be thinking about you and your partner can be tiring and is extremely unhealthy.


Just because you are in a biracial relationship doesn’t mean that your friends get to make jokes about your partner’s culture. Friends and even family often don’t understand that such comments can be extremely hurtful to the person. Politely stop them from making such comments, and when you get the chance, educate them about your partner’s culture and let them know why it could be hurtful towards them.

Being in an biracial relationship can be particularly hard if our parents don’t approve of it. Your parents coming from a different generation is often a big contributor. It is best to calmly deal with your parents and take small steps. Eventually, they will see how happy you make each other and will learn to accept and appreciate your love and respect for each other.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Differences Between Dating an African Woman and an African American Woman

White men who are interested in dating black women are increasing in number all around the world. But white men who live in African countries will have a much different experience dating black women than white men who are living in America.

Here are a few of the differences you can expect.

1. Values
While it’s not set in stone that African American women are lax with moral values, they don’t place the same importance on it as an African woman. This is mostly due to differences in cultures.

African American women are westernized and therefore have more western values. While they will likely have work ethic and other good qualities, they won’t be as bothered about things like family commitment, loyalty, and virtue.

Some men prefer African American women for this reason since they are more open and in touch with themselves, where African women let their cultures dictate a lot about how they live their lives.

2. Expectations
An African American woman might expect you to be a provider while she is a homemaker, but this is a lot less common than a traditional African woman expecting this.

While equal opportunity in the workplace is available in many African countries, most of the cultures in Africa place emphasis on women being mothers and wives.

3. Style
African American women’s style is unique and beautiful, but it’s undeniably westernized. African fashion will blow most people away with how unique it is.
Bright colors, beautiful patterns, and eye-catching jewelry are all par for the course when it comes to African fashion.

More and more African American women are starting to draw influence from traditional African styles, but nothing can beat the home-grown real thing.

4. Culture
African culture is not casual in the slightest. Heavy emphasis is placed on family bonds and people take care of each other.

It’s common for African villages to pool all their resources together to take care of the sick or elderly. Nobody gets left behind and nobody stays hungry in a tight-knit African community.

Unfortunately, this strong tribal mindset doesn’t make most African people too welcoming to outsiders.

It will be much harder for a white man to get into a relationship with an African woman than an African American woman. Once he is in that relationship, it will be much harder for him to be accepted into her culture, if he ever gets accepted at all.

5. Family
As mentioned above, African women care deeply about their family. This means that in the event that you are married to an African woman, she will want to be a mother to many children. Your home will also always have to be open to any of her family members in need.

If you’re traditional, you will likely share the same mindset. But this can be extremely smothering for a free-spirited man who wants his partner all to himself.

If you’re more independent and not as tied to your family, dating an African-American woman is definitely the easier option.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tips for dating black women

Independent, strong black women find it hard to find someone worthy. They want to be with someone that they can grow with, and not someone who would hold them back. If you find yourself in an interracial relationship with such a person then you should keep reading this article. We have gathered tips for men who want to be in a healthy relationship with black women.


A lot of black women notice this habit in men, especially in white men that they try to come off stronger, and bigger than they are. More than often, men on first dates will try to convey the message that they are against racism and that they hate it. Well, if the lady suspected you to be a racist in the first place then she wouldn’t be on this date with you, would she? All you need to do is relax and talk about some common topics.


Women appreciate a man who is in touch with his emotions. Words like “Men don’t cry” don’t only harm men psychologically, but also make it harder for them to open up to people later on in life. A man that talks it out when he is upset shows that he is mature and grown about it rather than someone who stops talking and sits pouting in a corner.


Growth is very important part of any relationship. A black woman wants to be with a man that will help them face life. They want someone who will have their back in good times and bad. In order for growth to be a part of the relationship, both of the partners need to be communicating. You need to be honest about your expectations from the relationship. Only when you know what it is that the other person wants, will you able to provide it.


It is always expected that men should pay the bill when eating outside etc. But, if she wants to pay sometimes then let her. It will not make you less of a man and it will definitely help her feel comfortable enough around you.  Be confident in what you make, and how much you can spend. It is a quality that will be appreciated.


In every argument, there is one person who is right, and there is one person who is wrong.  If you are the latter then have no shame in admitting that. Be mature about the situation, and come clean instead of blaming it back on her or beating around the bush. It is a gesture that will help the relationship in the long run and help you two get closer.

These are some helpful tips for men who want to date black women or are already in a relationship with them. These tips should help you strengthen the relationship further, and will help gain each other’s trust which is the most important part.