Monday, May 16, 2016

Biracial dating ideas in Washington, D.C

Washington, D.C., which is also known as “the District” or “DC” is a metropolis of persuasion and power. The political epicenter and capital of the nation, Washington offers a lot of dating options for singles who are interested in biracial dating out there.


Impress your interracial partner by taking him or her to a progressive dinner, created by you. Enjoy unique and delicious culinary treats with your date in the capital. You can head to “Café Atlantico” to start off your evening by drinking a Magic Mojito with a garnishing of a white cotton candy.

Then, you can go to the “Oceanaire Seafood Room,” which is an elegant place for eating scrumptious starters, like the jumbo shrimp cocktail along with horseradish that is freshly grated, spicy hash browns that are served in a skillet of cast-iron, etc.
Your main course would be perfect at the “Matchbox.” Here, go for its signature dish of “3.6.9 mini-burgers” that are mounded with shoestring onions, which are really addictive.

Now, it is time for a dessert. For this, head to “Krispy Kreme” and devour its fresh, glazed donut, which will simply melt in your mouth.


Want to enjoy the sunset of Washington? Then, head to the “P.O.V.” at the elegant W Hotel in the city. The place is appropriately named, as it offers some spectacular views. You can go with your Black partner to this snug bar and watch the sunset.

The bistro has a rooftop balcony that accommodates luxurious couches, where you can spend some private time with your lover, with the backdrop of panoramic views of the city. From here, you can also see the snipers standing at the top of the White House, guarding judiciously.


You can make your date a memorable one in Washington, D.C. by visiting one of the memorials in this city. These are very romantic as well as offer spectacular views.

The Lincoln Memorial is a nice place to visit with your Black partner. You can sit on the steps of this memorial and see the U.S. Capital building that is situated across the “Reflecting Pool.” This scenery can inspire both of you to converse about your dreams at a place, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963 gave his speech, which was titled “I Have a Dream.”

The Jefferson Memorial is a great place to go on a date with your biracial partner. Here, you can take a paddleboat on rent and cruise down the Tidal Basin, with the backdrop of the memorial. Do not forget to click some snapshots of just your partner or both of you together with the Japanese cherry trees and the tall Washington monument in the frame.


Make your date feel like an angel by visiting the National Cathedral, which is home to 288 angels. Count the angels to ensure the number or just enjoy the sunlight that comes into the cathedral through its enormous stained glass panels. After this, rest for sometime on the green “Cathedral Close” and spend some quality time with your interracial partner.

So, start biracial dating and take your partner to these four places in Washington, D.C. You can visit these amazing places on the same day or different days. Make sure that your black partner enjoys his or her time with you, along with the different views of the city of Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Black Lesbian Dating Dos and Donts

Knowing the dos and don’ts in lesbian dating will empower lesbian to go out and make stable and strong relationships. Understanding the dos and don’ts in lesbian dating is normally invaluable and you want to ensure you know what to do in dating. Below are the things need and not need to do in dating lesbian women that you find extremely valuable to you. Always bear in mind that lesbian dating isn’t easy and simple like any other relationship, you will know that you need advice as many cases.

·Be yourself and ensure you keep a natural flow to a relationship. When you start off and a diverse person, there’s a time where you will unmask and you may not be that attractive to anybody. Being yourself isn’t very easy and all you need to do is keep your character and make sure that your ideas are intact.

·Pay attention to her. It is really important that you to have a listening ear. When dating a lesbian, you require having a deep concern for your partner. Through this way, you’ll have the heart to listen to your partner honestly.

·You should be honest with your feelings in order that you could take that relationship to a higher level you haven’t been to. This is particularly true as lies and deceit will just work for the loss of your relationship. When dating or meeting for the first time, it is important to keep a light mood. It’s not always simple to transform the mood from dull to bright.

·When dating lesbian women, it requires lots of respect. So, you have to avoid checking your phone due to the fact that this action shows disrespect and total lack of interest in the discussion. Once you check your cellphone, you’re clearly saying that your gadget is more vital that her presence. Ready to get the taxi home.

·If you are at ease about some humorous moves, you could engage them and make your date more comfortable or at ease. A lot of people try flirting actions to make the mood light if you are meeting a lesbian for the very first time. Well, this is fine when really like that person. It is therefore suggested that you must keep subtle. This is due to the fact that you don’t want to scare her or your date.

·There’s something magical about letting natures takes its way in a relationship. You’ll be extremely delighted to know that you don’t need to feel exploited by a relationship with it function, obsessing over a relationship will just make you feel uncomfortable so take time and make sure that you take it easy.

·When it comes to lesbian dating, you must precisely show who you are and it must be equally real and authentic. Do not pretend to be someone or something you are not just to impress her. You are remarkable just as you are, and when someone else cannot see that, it’s her loss not yours.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Five misconceptions about white guys dating Asian girls

Welcome to the world of online dating and hearty congratulation and wishing all the best to those online daters who made their choice to date Asian girls. Dating Asian girls by White men are on the increase, and it appears to continue in the coming decades. Seeing such couples everywhere, particularly in bigger American cities evidences this. It’s coming to a stage now, that if someone in your family tells you that he is dating an Asian girl, you may not be surprised with the information. But what about the inner feelings of the elders in such white man’s family?  How many of such elders in the family of whites still think that their ward dating an Asian girl is suffering from an infected incurable disease called Yellow Fever. This myth of yellow fever is only a misinformation/ misconception tagged to the White man dating an Asian girl.

Most old generations in the west and the strong-headed whites consider that the Asian girls would eventually take away all the whites. But they must understand that most of the Asian girls are not interested in whites and if a white man thinks that an Asian girls loves him because he is white, then he is not only wrong but must blast away such thoughts from his mind altogether. This could be due to the influence of seeing the old war movies where Asian girls fall for whites. The year now is 2016, and the Asian girls know what they want and set their priorities accordingly. The second myth is that the Asian girls tend to woe and end up with old white men. How conveniently, people forget that there are also lots of young white girls falling for old whites and so the earlier argument doesn’t hold good. If you look at the real world now, it could be seen that teenage American guys are dating Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Indian girls. College campuses are full of such lovely couples of whites and Asians. Some of the young feminists who could not get the attention of the Asian girls make propaganda that Asian woman is too submissive and weak. But most western men know that while there may be some submissive Asian girls most of them are well educated and hold excellent careers and rather polite in nature and not too dramatic.

Some of the whites have the misconception that the Asian girls date a white with an agenda to get a green card. They forget that they are already in the west either studying or gainfully employed and for getting a green card they need not date a white on interracial dating site or offline. Often whites think that Asian woman cannot be like an American woman. Unlike western women, Asian women are non-materialistic, educated, selfless and sincere to the core and white men who have married an Asian woman can simply live a happy life. The Asian woman is a complete package, capable of not only taking care of her husband but also the children and family. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Why do the 5 Love Languages Matter Most in Mixed Race Dating?

Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, has been known as the most vital tool for successful relationship for over ten years. Couples that undergo marriage counseling are likely to learn about this concept of catering to the specific needs of your partner however those that do not take this path may be missing out on this crucial information. The concept of love languages is more than just another self-help mumbo-jumbo. It is used to help identify the needs and wants of each individual in a relationship and teach the other person how to cater to them specifically. When it comes to mixed race dating, there are going to be all sorts of obstacles which your relationship will face. Implementing the love languages helps minimize these obstacles and helps you better understand your partner and their needs in terms of both cultural differences and everyday struggles.

What Are the Five Love Languages?

In a nutshell, the five love languages are the five things a partner can do for us that make us happy. Each person feels love in a different way. Our default is to treat someone else the way we expect to be treated even if this does not cater to their love language. When you read the book or even access the website you will find a breakdown of how to identify your love language and what it means. The five love languages are as follows:

Acts of Service: Feeling appreciated by small things done for you by a partner.
Quality time: Feeling love by spending devoted quality time with your partner.
Physical touch: Feeling love and appreciation through intimacy and closeness.
Gifts: Feeling love by receiving gifts.

Words of affirmation: Feeling love and appreciation from compliments and reminders that you are worthy of another person’s love.

Why is it Important for Interracial Couples?

One of the difficulties of mixed race relationships is feeling the constant need to fit a specific mold in terms of your love. Interracial couples often struggle with their own identity. They want to be accepted and therefore continue to try to be like those around them who may be in same race relationships. Too often struggles come from a loss of identity in these relationships. Love languages help us stay connected to ourselves. It’s important to remember that love can look differently for every single individual. Some people actively seek out that epic, World Series kind of love. Others are content having something that feels like true companionship. As you struggle with your identity in your relationship and balancing the difference between what you want and need with what you think you should want and need, love languages become important. Couples who embrace the concept of love languages early on in their relationship, learn what their partners is, and effectively cater to it are significantly more successful than those who do not.

The world can be hard enough on a mixed race relationship. This simple tool creates the right platform for open communication about your wants and needs in all aspects of your life together. With a little bit of communication effort, it can help you build a strong foundation for the love and life of your dreams.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Jewish dating safety tips

While dating, you must be aware of some of the important things in order to avoid any untoward and unpleasant accident. You must follow these dating safety tips in order to date safely with your Jewish partner. No matter whether you date online or offline, you must stay aware and use your common sense while dating.


This is the first and the foremost thing that you must keep in mind while dating online or offline. You must trust your instincts and gut feeling. This means that you can choose to remain anonymous till you feel that you are ready to share your information and personal details with your potential partner. And, if you feel threatened or unsafe, then do not hesitate to cease communication immediately. You can even report any kind of misbehavior.


While dating online, you must remember to act with caution. This means that you must make only that information visible to everyone about which you are comfortable and should not show your every information to everyone. For instance, your home address and phone number is something you should not share with everyone, while you are making your profile on a Jewish dating website.

Additionally, when you access your account from a shared or public computer, make sure that other people cannot record or view your personal information or password. And, if you share your laptop or computer with others, then disable the auto-sign feature.


You must not share your personal phone numbers, real name, email address, place of work, home address, or any other important information about yourself to your prospective partner, till you trust that person. Also, do not post your personal contact details in the username or profile on any of the Jewish dating sites.


You must get to know about your prospective Jewish partner as much as you can through the online medium, before you decide to meet him or her in person. Know if there is some chemistry between you by chatting a lot and asking lots of questions before you meet them.

You can talk and chat with that person and try to know them better, so that you do not put yourself into any kind of dangerous situation. You must go at your own pace, if you want to form a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with your potential Jewish partner.


You must keep your identity anonymous till you feel comfortable with the other party. Reveal it only when you start trusting the other person and feel at ease with him or her. You can chat with him or her through mails on any one of the Jewish dating sites and know the other person better, so that you can develop trust.


Do not share your financial info with your to-be Jewish partner or send money to him or her, especially by wire transfer or overseas. No matter what excuse the other person gives or how politely they ask you for money, do not give out your financial information to him or her. This includes your banking or credit card information, social security number, etc. You can immediately report the person, if someone asks you to send money, as he or she is most probably a fraudster.

By following these tips, you will surely be able to experience the best of Jewish dating.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

4 most common misconceptions about interracial dating in Australia

If you do not yet know the meaning of interracial relationships, then let me tell you that interracial relationships or interracial dating is the one where the two partners belong to a different background or ethnic group. For instance, one is Black and the other is White or one is Asian and the other is Caucasian.
The interracial dating scene is now booming, which is clearly evident from the many interracial websites that have come up on the internet. People are now looking for a partner who belongs to a different race than theirs and that too through the online medium. In Australia too, people are going for interracial relationships and exploring this kind of love form.

However, there are many misconceptions that surround interracial dating. Not many people understand this concept of love and question it on the basis of caste or creed. So, let us look at the 4 most common misconceptions about interracial dating in Australia.


This is absolutely not so true. Just because two persons belong to a different race or have a different skin color, does not mean that they would not have a great sex life. The lovemaking is the same, as it is in a regular, same race relationship. After all, love is love. And, if you still have any apprehensions, you can date interracially and then tell us what it was like. And, we are not joking, we really mean it!


This is one of the worst misconceptions that encircle the interracial dating scene. Interracial relationships are acceptable, not only socially, but also morally. Although, older people would not accept and understand interracial relationships and will have their doubts about them, Australia interracial dating is not a wrong thing to do. Also, it is slowly becoming popular and gaining acceptance among the masses.

This is a false belief, as commitment does not stem from the race or background of a person. The skin color or ethnicity of a person does not have anything to do with commitment. Rather, it depends on the compatibility between two partners and the maturity level of the individual. Many people see interracial dating as something done for fun or just a phase of dating. However, a relationship must not be judged by a petty thing, like race or skin color.


You are mistaken if you think that interracial relationships are all about one black and one white partner. They are not only made up of these two races, but a whole lot of different races and ethnicities. Interracial dating just means that two people does not belong to the same race, no matter to which race or culture they belong to.

Interracial relationships are a mixture of different races. In fact, according to a survey, the most common interracial couples are of Asian women and White men, whereas the less common interracial couples are of Black women and Asian men.

I guess some of your false impressions regarding interracial relationships will now be solved with these points. So, just do not believe in these misconceptions and freely date interracially.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shift in Attitudes Toward Interracial Dating!

P.H. Collins an African American Feminist states about interracial dating between European Americans and African Americans. Historically very high demolition relationship of slavery and brutality has resulted in good old days of mistrust. Using the essence of race within the situation of romantic relationship, the study was designed to determine how communication process influenced by race method. Q-sort methodology is used to determine what direct, hinting and third-party strategies are used to initiate date in interracial and same-race contexts. External factors such as society and family were marked as a primary problem to involve in an interracial romantic relationship.

Most of Millennials accept marriage and interracial dating. A series of report from few research centres explores the values, opinions and behaviours of teens (18-28) make up with millennial generation. Americans has grown rapidly over a last few decades to accept interracial marriage and dating. Change of attitude over a period of year among public have reached adulthood with more racially liberal view than old generation. Larger majorities of age (18-30) olds accept interracial marriage. The rate of acceptance of marriage in this generation is higher than old generations.

Recent reports on racial attitudes in America, finds out that regardless of race, say they are familiar to marriage people in family members rather than marrying someone from different group. About 90 % are fine to marry a family member of same group. 88% are comfortable to marry an African American and 91% of them are comfortable when their family members marry a person from Hispanic American and 92% of white American and Asian American as a highest percentage of 93.

Millennials holds a high level of acceptance among racial and ethnic groups. There is no difference in accepting interracial marriage between Hispanic, black and white people. Millennials stated a statics report about interracial marriage to above 50 or older. Millennials says about 85% are happy to marry people from different groups. Black people who are of same ages will accept black white dating than whites.

Attitude of public change over a time is stated clearly by Millennials. He states about the level of accepting interracial marriage as been to 93% in the latest survey in 2009. He defines that “it is all right for black and white to date each other” and few researches suggest that by tracking a record of interracial marriage in 2003 versus year 2009. This shows a gradual increase in level of accepting interracial marriage.

The first generation for those born in 1965-1980 agrees “all right for both white and black to date each others.”At that period people of age 18 accept 85% of interracial marriage. About 86% of them accept it today. Younger generation have friends of different race than the older generation. That's how people's attitude change in interracial dating and go on increasing from statistics point of view. So we must be ready to accept the nature of interracial relation on interracial dating sites, interracial dating apps or offline and enjoy our life.