Monday, August 20, 2018

Interracial relationship: What does PDA mean?

This article will explore exactly what PDA means as well as some of the do’s and a few don’ts. PDA or public display of affection is a phrase that many people use to talk about the physical attractions that couple show when they are in a public setting. This can be holding hands, kissing, light touches and cuddling.

Different types of public display of affection in detail
The question now is what exactly does the public display of affection actually mean in a relationship especially for black women white men dating? What many couples have no clue about is their public display of affection choice has some hidden meanings.

1. Holding hands – This is one of the easiest forms of public display of affection and has its meanings depending on how the couple is holding hands. If a couple’s fingers are interlocked with each other, this is a sign of true intimacy while a detached hold can mean little passion with a polite closeness. Anything rougher than that can let people know that there is trouble in paradise. If there are problems in the relationship, its best to deal with them in-house before you walk out the door because people can pick up signals if a couple is masking trouble in their love life based on how they hold hands in public.

2. Arm linking – This is a very socially accepted way to show affection to someone because it shows strength and unity as a couple. This is something that family member and friends can also do, however, when a couple does it, it comes across as very romantic and cute. The same rules as holding hands also apply here, don’t be rough or tag our partner a lot because onlookers can easily pick up on it.

3. Hands in pockets – When a couple walks with one hand in the other’s pocket, it can be a bit of a challenge to walk but adds an element of playfulness which displays a relationship that is easy going and fun. Careful to not accidentally pull your partner’s shorts or trousers down because you will both be red-faced when that happens. Always makes sure that your partner is happy and comfortable with you putting your hand in their pocket as you walk.

4. Kissing – This is a very powerful display of affection, however, the manner in which it is done does send a message to onlooker of the type of relationship two people have, especially for black women white men dating.  A very quick kiss to part ways with someone or great them will not raise any eyebrows because many people do it. Anything beyond that starts to make people around feel very uncomfortable. Couples who show affection by kissing in public let the world know that their relationship is beyond friends. There is a physical intimacy, it’s thriving and is a loving one.

5. Subtle touches – When couples exchange subtle touches, this shows a high level of comfort and flirtation. When a couple flirts in public, it shows people that there is a strong bond and that all is rosy in their world.


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