Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Differences Between Dating an African Woman and an African American Woman

White men who are interested in dating black women are increasing in number all around the world. But white men who live in African countries will have a much different experience dating black women than white men who are living in America.

Here are a few of the differences you can expect.

1. Values
While it’s not set in stone that African American women are lax with moral values, they don’t place the same importance on it as an African woman. This is mostly due to differences in cultures.

African American women are westernized and therefore have more western values. While they will likely have work ethic and other good qualities, they won’t be as bothered about things like family commitment, loyalty, and virtue.

Some men prefer African American women for this reason since they are more open and in touch with themselves, where African women let their cultures dictate a lot about how they live their lives.

2. Expectations
An African American woman might expect you to be a provider while she is a homemaker, but this is a lot less common than a traditional African woman expecting this.

While equal opportunity in the workplace is available in many African countries, most of the cultures in Africa place emphasis on women being mothers and wives.

3. Style
African American women’s style is unique and beautiful, but it’s undeniably westernized. African fashion will blow most people away with how unique it is.
Bright colors, beautiful patterns, and eye-catching jewelry are all par for the course when it comes to African fashion.

More and more African American women are starting to draw influence from traditional African styles, but nothing can beat the home-grown real thing.

4. Culture
African culture is not casual in the slightest. Heavy emphasis is placed on family bonds and people take care of each other.

It’s common for African villages to pool all their resources together to take care of the sick or elderly. Nobody gets left behind and nobody stays hungry in a tight-knit African community.

Unfortunately, this strong tribal mindset doesn’t make most African people too welcoming to outsiders.

It will be much harder for a white man to get into a relationship with an African woman than an African American woman. Once he is in that relationship, it will be much harder for him to be accepted into her culture, if he ever gets accepted at all.

5. Family
As mentioned above, African women care deeply about their family. This means that in the event that you are married to an African woman, she will want to be a mother to many children. Your home will also always have to be open to any of her family members in need.

If you’re traditional, you will likely share the same mindset. But this can be extremely smothering for a free-spirited man who wants his partner all to himself.

If you’re more independent and not as tied to your family, dating an African-American woman is definitely the easier option.


  1. Honey, Africans have cities, not just villages. And we aren't focused on being just wives, African women are more educated than y'all. The pooling of resources may have been true a thousand years ago but we don't do that. Kindly get your facts right

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