Tuesday, August 21, 2018

BlackWhite App Privacy Policy

All the privacy policies show in this app explains how information that is provided by users of BlackWhite is protected. First and foremost, this app is managed as well as owned by the people at BlackWhite. This app is very committed when it comes to making sure that all its feel safe and has their privacy protected. When users agree to use this interracial app to find love, they agree to the policy that has been highlighted above. This policy is bound to change at any time and it is advised to check the app as often as possible to stay up to date with any changes if and when they are made.

What Information does BlackWhite App Collect
All the information that users who sign up for this app provide when they register is collected. The information includes their location, their date of birth, their given names and even their email address. Any other additional data may be gathered when users are using the app when looking for matches as well as interacting with other.

How does BlackWhite App Use This Information Once They Collect It?
The blackwhite app uses the information provided by their users in a number of ways
I. Provide a unique and magnificent user experience that carters to the needs, interests, and wants of each individual
II. Information helps developers to improve on their user experiences based on feedback by users
III. Make changes as well as improve the customer service department to ensure users with problems get the best help possible
IV. Ensure that the app has a smooth transaction process when users pay for membership or anything related to the site.
V. Keep users updated with news, promotions, changes or anything to do with the app by sending them emails

How Does BlackWhite Protect Their User’s Information?
Information from users is kept safe in a secure serve which puts users at ease knowing that none of their personal information will be leaked or accessed by any third party organizations or partners. BlackWhite has made a promise to never share, transfer or exchange any user’s information without a user’s permission.

How Do Users Control Their Personal Information On BlackWhite?
I. Users have the power to edit their personal information on the app at any time as well as request any other relevant information that is not true to be changed.
II. Users who wish to terminate their account with BlackWhite easily do so by contacting customer service.


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