Tuesday, August 21, 2018

BlackWhite App Terms of Use

Black White is a dating app meant for people who are looking for interracial love on their mobile phone. Whether you are a registered member or not, you are bound by the terms and condition that will be listed below.

1. Accepting the terms set by Black White
BlackWhite as a dating app does provide its users with the following terms when it comes to using the site which must be followed.
i. Users must make sure that their profiles compile with contents that will be highlighted in this agreement
ii. BlackWhite as an app has the right to stop or make changes to the app

2. Registration Age
A very important criteria that one must meet before they register on BlackWhite App is to be at least 18 years of age. Anyone younger than 18 is and will not be allowed to have an account on this app because it is for adults.

3. Using this app
i. Users of BlackWhite need to pick a username that is unique and isn’t picked by anyone else plus a strong password to use their profiles. Users are not allowed to use this app to promote anything. Anyone who breaks this term may face legal action and have their account terminated
ii. Information, services, and features on this app belong to BlackWhite. They have all the rights to everything and none of that will be published, changed or sold anywhere.
iii.  Each and every user of Black White is fully responsible for any sort of content they put out on the app. Certain pieces of their information might be used to get the attention of third party advertisers.
iv. The user is free to terminate their profile whenever they like
v. Anything posted by users that are deemed to be discriminatory, promote any sort of violence, fake or spread hate is not tolerated on this app. Users found spreading such content will have their accounts taken down.
vi. Anyone found to promote porn, encouraging sexual violence, taking advantage of people or proposing sex in exchange for money and exploiting people under 18 years of age will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
vii. Users agree that the information they will provide on this app as far as interaction and creating their profile goes will not include any nudity or explicit language
viii. How users interact with one another is their responsibility and care is advised
ix. If system maintenance is taking place, Black White is not at fault if users are not able to access their account
x. Sending spam is not allowed on Black White App

If at any time users violent any of the terms and conditions above, Black White has the right to close their account

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