Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Interview With an Interracial Couple: Stacy and Wen

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a new interracial couple from New York City. Their names are Stacy and Wen. They are friends of a friend of mine who went to school with Stacy in New York and have been close ever since. Stacy is a mixture of European heritage while Wen is Chinese. They also met in college and have been a couple ever since. Given the fact that I write for a blog on interracial dating I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask them a few questions and get their opinions on their relationship from two other people in an interracial relationship.

Me: How do you think people on the street usually react when they see you guys are a couple and not just friends?

Stacy and Wen: We have been together so by now it just feels like whatever. At first we were more conscious of what was going on around us or if we got any looks, but we were going to a super liberal, laid back art school so the people there honestly would be the last to give us any trouble. Now it really just seems like no one notices or cares haha. 

Me: How did your families react when they met your significant other for the first time?

Stacy: My mom first found out when I talked to her on the phone. I was like, “I'm going out with a Chinese guy, and she was all like, “No way!”, and I was like yeah really!” It wasn't a big deal my parents were hippies in the 70s and would be the last ones to be racist or judge based on something like that. They raised me well I guess haha. I know my friend was dating a black guy and when she told her mom her mom actually freaked out and was mad. That's just ridiculous. 

Wen: I actually told my mom first too because I didn't know how my dad would react. Chinese people can get kind of weird about dating outside of their race I guess. Mostly because my parents are actually from China and immigrants to the US so their ideas are all based in Chinese culture and all of our relatives and friends and family friends around us are completely Chinese, literally all of them. That was the only reason I was nervous. At first I think they were more confused than anything. They definitely weren't mad or angry or disapproving though. Now they love her, probably more than they even like me haha. 

Me: Have your views on interracial relationships changed since you've been in one?

Stacy: Well, I've never really been one to give it much thought. I always just wanted people to do whatever they felt like they wanted to do, you know? I mean I guess growing up I always imagined the fairy tale of meeting my prince and getting married and I always imagined a white guy, but I grew up in the suburbs of upstate New York where there are like no minorities ever. I didn't even really know about people from other races. When I started seeing them later in life I was like, oh he's cute! Race was never really something I noticed above anything else like that.

Wen: Not even going to lie I like white girls. I like Asian girls too, but being raised in the United States I was always really attracted to white girls. I don't really know why, I guess for the same reason that Stacy said where like all of the white girls were the ones in movies the ones “everyone” had a crush on. It was more of a cultural thing I guess. 

By Mark

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