Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Personal Interracial Relationship Story

As I have referenced before in many of my blog posts I am a mixed race Asian guy. I grew up in a heavily white area and found myself very attracted to white women for my entire life. I never really was able to act on this desire until I was in college and met people outside of my closed off, suburban town. I met a really nice girl who was into all of the things I was. We had a great time, were together for years, even lived together for a few years. But, as often happens with relationships, especially at that young of an age, we simply grew apart. The love that we had that at one time seemed impervious to faltering was collapsing around us and we decided we needed to part ways. Being an Asian guy in North America, you rarely see Asian men and white female couples, but that was what I was always interested in. I'm not a racist by any means, I just find white women to be very attractive. I find all races of women attractive, but in terms of an actual preference I'd be lying if I said it was anything other than for white women.

So, here I was, left devastated by a breakup with a girl who I thought was the perfect one for me. It was my first actual relationship where we were together for so long it was no longer you and I, we were referred to everyone in a plural. We were a package deal. Now I was alone again. To add to the troubles of simply resorting back to single life, I also was troubled over wondering if I would ever meet another white girl who was interested in an Asian guy. I know this seems trivial, but it was quite a burning issue in the back of my mind. After a few months went by and I had gathered my independence again I figured it was time for me to start looking again. The only issue was that after breaking up I had moved back home to leave the town I had lived with my ex in, to start over fresh. I was back in the town where my interests in interracial love were never allowed to flourish. I feared that I would simply never meet another girl who liked me and wanted me just as much as I wanted them.

I turned to online dating. I figured this way I could meet people I would never otherwise have a chance to meet. I could also strike up conversations with people without fearing personal face to face awkwardness or rejection. It was pretty much a win-win situation. After a few weeks I had started talking to a few people but they kind of sizzled out after a while. I was starting to lose faith. Then I started talking to this one girl who's profile seemed shockingly similar to mine. We were literally interested in all of the same things. It was unbelievable how much we had in common, and not to mention the fact that she was beautiful. I have been seeing her for a few months now and I finally feel like I am allowed to write on interracial relationships again now that I have found my companion in life once again who is not of my race. The moral of my personal story is that interracial love is out there for everyone. No matter how long of a shot you think it is, or how unlikely you will be to meet the perfect person for you out there it simply isn't true. There is someone out there for everyone and anyone.

By Mark

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