Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Partner’s parents –The tips for Interracial Dating

Meeting the date’s parents has always been a difficult part in a relationship. And in an interracial dating this doesn’t pose to be harder, but can turn out to be a bit nerve wracking kind of experience due to the difference they face in cultural perceptions.

Sometimes interracial couples face challenges than others when they are ready to take up their relationship to the next level, like when they have to make their parents accept their relationship.  Even now people are more comfortable to gaze at an interracial couple on their way, than to accept them into their family. So, here are some fine tips to relax yourself when you are ready to meet your love’s parents.

Before meeting them
Discuss first:
Understand your relationship with your partner. Be clear of whether you are just dating or you are ready to take the next step. Discuss with each other the practical implications of being in the relationship, as this could help any couple irrespective of being interracial or not.
Before you meet your partner’s parents talk between yourselves about your families and their attitudes. (For single moms or single dads, they may try dating sites for single parents). Tell your partner stories of your family history and your family culture and customs and also tell your partner that how much you value their opinion.

When you meet them
Try to be gracious and patient:
Try to be gentle and forgive some misspelled questions from them.  Be generous in your conversation. Don’t expect to win over their family in the first meeting. Even if your date’s parents find you to be the best suited for their child, they might still have some hesitations when your relationship grows seriously. So make them feel how happy their child is in such a healthier relationship that will just vanish out their thoughts of your race and background.

Show openness to their culture:
Pretend to accept their food and other aspects of their culture, even if you don’t like them, just don’t throw it on their face because every person will have a pinch of pride for their culture inside them so doing this will for sure affect your purpose of being there. And at the same time don’t try show being more inquisitive and attraction towards their life style and topple down onto them that would create an awkward situation.

Make eye contact:
Be straight forward and look at them when you make a conversation. Don’t show them that you are uncomfortable, even if you are. This is not just for interracial couples but for every one who would want to win another person’s heart. Don’t keep starring at them too, have a casual conversation that can avoid some awkward pauses between them.

Don’t talk about Race:
Don’t pick a word that could spoil your day.  Talk about anything apart from race and communities. Don’t try to boast about your family and customs. Try to build in topics of mutual interest. A little discussion with your partner about this before the day can help you better

Be what you are:
Be smart , but try to be yourself, this can show your true identity to them which can get a positive click on your side from them or at least they may come to a clear conclusion of their opinion about you.

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