Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why Black women dating White men are on the increase?

Not necessarily, education and employment are the criteria for dating but all that is required would be the confidence to date. Dating is also an opportunity for both sexes to explore whether they have a realistic frame of mind and could see situations in true light in their future. One of the Interracial dating much talked about is the ‘the Black woman dating a White man’. It is a fact that now a days more and more Black women like to date White men. As dating takes with mutual consent, what is that Black women find in White men to date, when men of their own race available?

One of the reasons adduced for more black women dating white men than ever before is the educational attainment of both the races and particularly by black women. During the course of attending school and college, Black women are exposed not only to other races and cultures but also to men of different cultures and races. The educational exposure gives the Black women the confidence to date white men, while illiteracy and apprehensions held back most of them in the past centuries.  Another reason is that educated and employed Black women are unable to find Black men to match their requirements for dating. This doesn’t mean that Black women are not dating Black men but such dating is also happening depending upon the opportunity, environment and availability.

In most cases of dating, the dating partners look for the parental nodding, which was a never come dream in the past. But along with the time, visions of parents have also changed and are moving towards the right thinking of “So, what is wrong with it?” and are ready to embrace a white man as son- in –law. Further, most of the Black women are in the process understanding white men and those who have a clear understanding that it is prejudice to blindly suspect a White man to be bad for relationship due to color, has increased the number of Black women dating White men.

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