Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The truth about black women white men dating

white women black men dating
white women black men dating

Why is it that I am so inclined into dating white women? One black woman told me that I do so for the simple reason that I am a sell out. Then there are the white men out there who can’t even try to imagine for a single minute my black dick digging into their ‘women’ body. For them, this is a simple way of admitting that their race seems to be having the most sexy and attractive women. While black women white men dating is essentially more preference driven, one can’t help but node to the fact that this seems a little more racist to some extent.

While all these are nothing more than just generalizations, the truth of the matter is that I have personally encountered these attitudes. For quite a long time, there has been great skepticism directed towards white women/ black men relationships and this is unfortunately well documented in our cultural fabric. Most people however have it very wrong because it is no black men dating white women, but I am a person with his own preferences and unique preferences. Unfortunately, interracial dating has become such a loaded and historically loaded subject, which is also widely misunderstood by many people.

The concept of black women dating white men is something that nearly everyone out there seems to have an opinion on which also comes with lots of stereotypes that are fueled by a very complicated past, racist ideology and now even worsened by pop culture. If you are a fun of pop music, you might recall a rap song by Kanye West regarding how a successful black man will not thing twice about leaving a white ass for the white one. When you even imagine yourself marrying a white girl, you will only further the pervasiveness associated with these flawed and highly generic ideas regarding interracial relationships.

Such generic ideas have a great impact on the society and culture. For instance, Kim Kardashian has been on the receiving end due to her history with black men dating. And now that she finally decided to marry Kanye West, you can be sure that this hasn’t gone down so well with some people as such. There are even some self hating and self pathetic black men who chose to date while girls for pathetic and contrived reasons. For them, dating single white women is a deliberate action but the others like me out, out attraction to these women is just a natural attraction and there no other motives behind it.

When you see a black man majestically walking around with white women, what he is trying to communicate to the world is that white girls are his preferences. This is not to mean that he has any problems whatsoever with his race, but the truth is that he appreciates other races as he does his own. As we continue with this century, we can’t help but appreciate the fact that interracial dating is becoming more and more acceptable in the society.

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