Monday, August 10, 2015

Famous interracial couples in TV

black women white men meet
interracial couples

In recent years, interracial marriages have been on the rise. Mixed marriages are now something absolutely ordinary, even though Hollywood did take its time reflecting that social pattern. TV has finally caught up with reality, however - check out our list for your favourite interracial couples:

Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant

“Scandal” focuses on the story of Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, who’s torn between two White men - one is the stern, but stunning Tony Goldwyn, playing President Fitzgerald Grant, and the second is Jake Ballard, paid to spy on Olivia, but eventually fell in love with her.


We simply can’t leave Troy Barnes, the star quarterback of his football team and a prom king, and his love interest, Britta Perry out of this list. After a couple of years together in university, the two finally realized they had deep affection for one another - even though they decided to split in their senior year, when Donald Glover (playing Troy) left the show.

Modern Family
The stunning and exotic Sofia Vergara played the role of the infamous Latina Gloria, married for the much older Jay, who’s also White. Their relationship resembles in many ways a number of interracial couples in real life.

Genius Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams, is a major character, after he convinces big-time lawyer Harvey Specter to hire him, even though Mike has never been to Harvard and doesn’t have a law degree. The flirt and chemistry between Mike Ross and colleague paralegal Rachel Zane quickly turns them into one of TV’s favourite interracial couples. In fact, Rachel’s also a product of an interracial dating, with her father being Black, and her mother - White.

Shameless’ fans favourite couple is undoubtedly Veronica Fisher and Kevin Ball. Veronica is a confident and incredibly loyal Black woman, who knows exactly what she wants is not afraid to ask for it, and is 100% adored by her husband Kev.

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