Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why some Black women only prefer White men?

Everyone talks about Black females and how they cannot be in a relationship with White men. However, there are also some Black women who only prefer to date White men. They say that they will never marry a Black man. In fact, as kids also, many Black women love white guy and love to marry a White guy, while playing a make believe game.

The main question here is that why some Black women only prefer to date White men? The answer and the reasons behind this can be very similar to the answers behind the question - why most of the Black women only prefer Black men. It is because they are mostly attracted towards men of the same race and who have the same skin color. Some Black women feel that Black guys treat them much better than other man could ever do. They also feel that they would rather prefer dating a guy they somewhat know than experimenting with a guy they do not know at all.

However, some Black women are not physically attracted to Black guys. As much as parents generally like pairing us up with people who belong to the same race as ours, there also comes a time when we have to be honest with ourselves. As a Black woman, you may get attracted to Mel Gibson or fall in love with Adam Sandler. But, this does not mean that Black men are not handsome. It only means that they are just not your type.

A few people also feel that White males, not all White men but most of them, find Black women attractive and remarkable in every sense. This is why some Black women tend to sink towards those affections. Some Black women also say that they have met several White men and they felt quite disgusted in their company and with their behaviors. However, they also admit that usually older White men are quite mature on a wider level as compared to Black men on several levels.

Coming to the main question of this article as to why some Black women only prefer White men; there can be many reasons behind this. When asked, some Black women said that they just get wildly turned on by the disparities between the two, including the skin color, being raised in different cultures, hair, music, foods, etc. The list is endless. Some say that it is all about the desire of meeting an unknown and mysterious person. And, for some Black women it is just pure love, since there are also some people in this world who forget that they are ‘White’ or ‘Black.’ They just accidentally get into a relationship with a White man.
However, you should remember that not every White guy is the dream of a Black woman. It all depends on the particular person or individual, as both bad and good can come in every color.

Being said that, you may think that the common phrase of interracial dating, “It should be about love and not color,” is cute. However, this is not entirely truthful in this case, since it is not only about love, but many other things too.

Just like love develops eventually, there is also a declaration to date and physical attraction towards only one race. Now, is that a preference or is it being racist? Keep wondering and let me know your answers to this question, so that I can start up with a new topic in my next blog.

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