Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shift in Attitudes Toward Interracial Dating!

P.H. Collins an African American Feminist states about interracial dating between European Americans and African Americans. Historically very high demolition relationship of slavery and brutality has resulted in good old days of mistrust. Using the essence of race within the situation of romantic relationship, the study was designed to determine how communication process influenced by race method. Q-sort methodology is used to determine what direct, hinting and third-party strategies are used to initiate date in interracial and same-race contexts. External factors such as society and family were marked as a primary problem to involve in an interracial romantic relationship.

Most of Millennials accept marriage and interracial dating. A series of report from few research centres explores the values, opinions and behaviours of teens (18-28) make up with millennial generation. Americans has grown rapidly over a last few decades to accept interracial marriage and dating. Change of attitude over a period of year among public have reached adulthood with more racially liberal view than old generation. Larger majorities of age (18-30) olds accept interracial marriage. The rate of acceptance of marriage in this generation is higher than old generations.

Recent reports on racial attitudes in America, finds out that regardless of race, say they are familiar to marriage people in family members rather than marrying someone from different group. About 90 % are fine to marry a family member of same group. 88% are comfortable to marry an African American and 91% of them are comfortable when their family members marry a person from Hispanic American and 92% of white American and Asian American as a highest percentage of 93.

Millennials holds a high level of acceptance among racial and ethnic groups. There is no difference in accepting interracial marriage between Hispanic, black and white people. Millennials stated a statics report about interracial marriage to above 50 or older. Millennials says about 85% are happy to marry people from different groups. Black people who are of same ages will accept black white dating than whites.

Attitude of public change over a time is stated clearly by Millennials. He states about the level of accepting interracial marriage as been to 93% in the latest survey in 2009. He defines that “it is all right for black and white to date each other” and few researches suggest that by tracking a record of interracial marriage in 2003 versus year 2009. This shows a gradual increase in level of accepting interracial marriage.

The first generation for those born in 1965-1980 agrees “all right for both white and black to date each others.”At that period people of age 18 accept 85% of interracial marriage. About 86% of them accept it today. Younger generation have friends of different race than the older generation. That's how people's attitude change in interracial dating and go on increasing from statistics point of view. So we must be ready to accept the nature of interracial relation on interracial dating sites, interracial dating apps or offline and enjoy our life.

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