Tuesday, December 6, 2016

White Guys: Ways to Date a Black Woman

International dating is a great thing if you have lots of understanding and willing to connect two cultural backgrounds together. This is a nice way to know each other more, be more open-minded and have an overall knowledge about life.

Lots of Western guys are into dating a Black woman because they are super reliable, looking good and have sexy curves. Their chocolate skin tone turns guys on. If you are one of them, someone who is passionate in dating Black girl, we have few tips and tricks to make it successful.

1. Ask her out directly

Black girls like guys who are not afraid to speak up about emotions and feelings. If you like a particular chick and want to ask her for a date, just do it. Be confident and just ask if she is free on weekend. For sure this is the best way to catch up with black beauty.

2. Don’t pretend you are “Black”

Knowing your date’s culture and behaviors is a great thing for sure, however, pretending that you might come from the same background as she, is a big NO. You can be interested in local food, language, and religion but it seems like some Western guys after dating a Black girl for a while, try to be more “Black” than “White”.

3. Be ready for a serious commitment

In African culture marriage, having kids and taking care of family are most important. Every young girl is willing to find a proper guy to marry and give birth to kids as soon as it’s possible. You shall be ready that after a couple of months of successful dating, your Black lady might think about marriage already. Be aware that in African culture, children are family’s power so you might have a couple of them in future.

4. Don’t get into stereotypes

Sometimes when we are looking for foreigner partner, we are trying to catch up someone with best features connected with a particular country. We have some stereotype thinking that all people from Africa have same behaviors. This is obviously wrong. Not all features apply to every Black woman. You shall be looking at a whole person, not a one-dimensional archetype of a black woman because everybody is different.

5. Don’t make her awkward while dating

This applies to every situation while hanging out together. Do not try to touch her hair because they are curly and different structure; do not make any racist comments just because you think it might be funny. If you are one of the guys with kind of “Black girl fetish” it’s better for you to move on and do not date any Black lady at all.

6. Try different types of Internet dating

Black girls are into Internet relationships as well and your role here is to find perfect site to expand your love life. Even though they're thousand dating services out there, some of them are useless and not legit. Your mobile device is full of different dating applications like Filipina dating app, Russian dating app and of course Black girl dating app. Why don't you try them out?

If you are dating a Black girl, be sure to talk openly about skin color and problems which it might cause. Do not try to pretend you are cool because you had a chance to date someone with different skin color. To have full success you shall understand African culture and be ready to fight for your partner’s rights in society. Accept her as individual human being and don’t get into stereotypes. Then we can fully guarantee that your relationship will be a longlasting one.

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