Thursday, September 7, 2017

Common Struggles You May Face as a Non-Latin Male Dating a Latin Woman

So you’ve been looking for that perfect Latina to complete your life, and now you’ve actually found her thanks to a fabulous Latin dating site. Well congratulations are in order for sure, but what happens if you’re not Latin yourself?
For many new couples just starting out in a interracial relationship there are struggles and obstacles that pop up that you must face together. For a non-Latin dating a Latina, the obstacles can be a bit more pronounced. It’s wise to be aware of these issues so that you can better handle them, and come out stronger together.

Here are some helpful tips you can keep in mind.

Getting Past the Stereotyping

One of the biggest issues that tends to happen right at the beginning is trying not to fall prey to stereotypes. Even the best of us can get caught up in wrongly stereotyping someone or something and then end up in an unfortunate situation. The best advice is to clear your mind of these preconceived notions and thoughts and go in with a fresh perspective.

A good tip is to see things from your significant other’s shoes. What if the Latin woman you are dating was looking at you and buying into various stereotypes that face your culture. How would you feel? This is exactly the way she may feel if you were to do it to her.

Comments Made by Other People

It's unfortunate but even today interracial couples still face rude and derogatory comments from people. These types of Latin dating comments are always negative and hurtful and don't stem from any sort of truth, facts, or kindness. It’s important you build a tough skin where the comments are concerned, and learn not to let them hurt you or your partner.

Should the two of you face this issue, it would probably be a good idea to discuss how you plan to deal with it in the future. Decide if the two of you feel comfortable speaking up, and if so what you’d say. Maybe the both of you will decide you’d rather ignore it and let it roll off your back.

Sometimes You May Feel Like an Outsider

Even the most friendly families and friends can still leave you feeling like an outsider, no matter how unintentional it may be. If you don’t share the same cultural background, it can be hard to understand where each other is coming from at times. If you happen to be visiting with your date’s family, who are all Latin, then it’s only natural you may feel like a bit of an outsider.

In this case you should feel comfortable speaking to your partner, sharing your thoughts, and discussing ways to help you feel more included and more a part of things.

Look at the Obstacles as Learning Experiences

These obstacles can actually pose an excellent opportunity to take something that seems negative and turn it into a positive learning experience that the two of you can grow from. By tackling these issues together and finding common ground, you will actually be working to solidify your interracial relationship making you a much stronger couple.

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