Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1 in 12 Marriages in 2012 was an Interracial Couple

Relationships are a natural and beautiful expression of a living being's feelings. Love, laughter, joy, sadness, and anger are inevitable in life. Having someone who is a best friend and a partner throughout it all makes life complete. Everyone is attracted to different types of people. Some people are simply more physically attracted to people of a different race. Evolutionarily, mixed race couples are simply natural and anything that suggests otherwise is overtly racist or outdated. A person is not defined by their skin color, but it is usually the first thing we notice about another person. Physical attraction starts with the eyes and since we usually see a person for their race first it does not mean we are racist, simply that that is the most uniquely identifying feature that comes out.

I am the child of an interracial couple, and I am in an interracial relationship. My mother's parents were an interracial couple as well. It is most literally in my blood. Being an interracial person does not change who I am or what I want, and it did not sentence me to become a person who sought out only people of another race romantically. Although, since there are very few people of the racial combination I am, it did sort of mean I would have to date outside of what I was by blood. Interracial dating is something I guess, intentionally or not, I have always pursued. I have always been attracted to people of different races; it is natural to be.

Statistics recently revealed from the Pew Center show that last year nearly 1 out of every 12 marriages were from mixed race couples. His just goes to show how significantly the frequency and acceptance of interracial relationships are rising. Even just a few decades ago, every famous person would be in a relationship with someone of their own race in fear that the publicity of an interracial relationship would sully their reputation. These days most of the top headlining names are in relationships with other celebrities who are of another race.

There is no need to deny these feelings which are completely normal and natural for any person to experience. Race is not a cage that keeps you only being attracted to on kind of person, or limiting a person to only being allowed to love someone who looks the same. Don't hold back any longer. Don't wait any more to find love. With millions of people out there on the internet looking for love, sites like make it easy to connect with other people who want what you do.

Go out there! It's the new year and there's no better time or place to find your true love.

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