Thursday, January 24, 2013

Commonly Asked Interracial Dating Questions

About You:

One of the most commonly asked interracial dating questions will be from other people to you. These questions can be anything from: why are you with someone who isn't your race? How do people perceive you guys? Do you like it?

The answers to those questions are usually simple to you, and seem more than obvious, but to people who are unfamiliar with interracial dating or mixed race couples it can be tricky. First off, I am with someone who isn't my race because I love her as a person not just for her appearance. I love her because no matter what race she is I would love her as a person and it is literally as simple as that. I am very attracted to people of other races and she is beautiful just the way she is. I like white women, but I am not white. There is no problem with dating someone else of another race so we do it. Secondly, people perceive us differently all of the time. If we are in a rural area sometimes we get stares or looks, but it has not become an issue although sometimes it can be annoying. We are who we are and we love each other so it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks at all. Lastly, of course we like it! We love it. Interracial dating is exactly what we want and have always wanted. She has never wanted to be with a white person even though she's white and I have never wanted to be with an Asian person even though I'm Asian. It's just the way things are and with us both it has worked out beautifully.

About Your Partner:

Does she like all races? Does she only like one race? Do people give her trouble?

First of all, my girlfriend is attracted to people of any race. Interracial dating wasn't really an option until she left her small, secluded town and ventured out. When she did she realized she loved people of other races. People give her trouble seemingly only when they're very closed minded or jealous. Racism is obviously still present in the world and racist people are never going to go away no matter how stupid and ignorant they are. People give her trouble, yes, but most people seem to have no problem at all.

About Your Families:

Do they approve? Did they approve at first? Do they get along?

Our families love each other. They get along great and all seem to be more than accepting. They see that we make each other happy and that we love each other so of course seeing us happy is their main concern. They approve, and did at first too. Neither of our families are racist or closed minded. Many families won't approve if it is not common in the area, or if everyone else in the family is of one race. Sometimes this can be a huge issue, but the bottom line is if it makes you happy and if it is a healthy relationship otherwise then of course there is no problem with it.

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