Monday, February 4, 2013

Interracial Dating Views Across Generations

I'm 23 years old, and I think interracial dating is completely normal and acceptable. There's nothing wrong with two people of any race black, white, asian being together. In my parents generation, those who are around 50 or so, interracial dating was something that was usually quite taboo. They were just coming out of the segregation era as they were born or growing up and many of their parents still harbored ill will towards other races simply based off of societal norms.

I am suggesting that there is some sort of social evolution that takes place. Over time, people grow to learn that interracial dating, interracial love and interracial marriages are no different than any other form of those categories among people of the same race. This evolution takes place by the mental acceptance of these practices becoming less and less restrictive as generations pass on. It may not be as much of an evolution as much as it is a desensitization. Each generation more and more interracial couples come about. In the 1950s there were very few and by the 70s there were many more. In our modern day of the 2000s there are interracial couples all over the place. The stigma is being removed and the acceptance is gaining huge ground among those actively participating in these interracial relationships.

In the United States and Canada interracial relationships are completely accepted by most of the public since the two countries have extensively been exposed and opened up to heavy immigration. As more and more countries follow suit, inevitably they will come around in the same way. Just as our parents are accepting of interracial relationships heavily based upon what their parents brought them up thinking about it, our children will be more accepting simply because they will be raised in an environment of acceptance.

As each new generation grows up in a world where interracial children are everywhere, people will see how normal it is. It won't be a fad, a fashion statement or a commentary on social status, it will simply be the way of life.

This cross generational growing acceptance of interracial relationships is a great sign. It just goes to show that people are open to positive change. If you live in a country where people still think of interracial relationships as taboo and unnatural or gross, give them time. Eventually they will be forced to come around. The world is growing in a much better, and more accepting direction. There is nowhere on Earth that will be immune to the direction our world is going for social integration.

By Mark

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