Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrity Interracial Dating: Rapper, Eve and her White Boyfriend

It's one thing wanting to pursue an interracial relationship in your private life as a regular, everyday person, and an entirely different thing altogether to want to do that while being one of the most notoriously “hard” and outspoken female rappers. Eve recently opened up about this big change in her life and allowed some questions which were very interesting for anyone that's curious about interracial dating.

One aspect of the whole situation that is worth noting is that this is Eve's first white boyfriend, and this is his first black girlfriend. This means that both of them are new to the interracial dating world and had previously only dated people of their own ethnic backgrounds. This just goes to show how people can't control who they like, who they fall in love with, and who they want to date.

Eve goes into detail about how the public and even her family have given her trouble for deciding to be in a relationship white a white man. It's shocking that in today's world, in 2013, with a black president we still have these kinds of problems with people's own decisions in their private lives. It shouldn't matter to anyone but the two people in the relationship about what they choose to do with their love lives.

One specific comment that was interesting was people saying that he “sold out” from her roots and her hardcore rap days. This is especially disturbing because it goes to how how people are holding her on a pedestal to be judged against their views of her and where they think she should go rather than letting her enjoy her own love life. How low is that?

Eve is putting all of these racial dating stereotypes on blast except for when she made a specific remar about how her white boyfriend is a terrible dancer. I guess that subtle nudge was necessary for an otherwise picture perfect interracial stereotyped couple.

It was good to hear Eve voice that her family is coming to terms and becoming accepting in their own way, even though it took several years. I hope that Eve's relationship being in the public eye will serve to somewhat unite the idea of interracial relationships in the way that they should be. Hopefully, seeing her succeed and be happy will show others that it's ok to pursue love interests no matter what other people think or say. Love is love and doing what you want and what you feel is right should be the only factor.

                                                                        By Mark

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