Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Life and Interracial Love of a Blog Writer

I haven’t always had the best luck in love. In fact, compared to most of my peers for most of my entire life I haven’t really been keeping up, so to say. I was always the shy kid. The one people would tease about never talking. I became that way because the town I was raised in was almost entirely white, upper-class people. My family was mixed race and middle class. Even though my mom had a very good job she raised us by herself so we weren’t exactly rich. I always knew I wanted to be with someone other than my race, which wasn’t unrealistic given the fact that there was no other part Asian part white person in my town.

Fast forward to college when I left my sheltered, closed-minded, and secluded town. I finally began searching for real interracial love. I have always had an attraction to white females even though the relationship of an Asian male and a white female isn't very common. For some reason or another I was just always drawn to them. It was always something I wanted but never had. I guess it was that kind of hope and longing for one day having it.

My junior year at college I finally met this great girl. We became friends fast and I was always really attracted to her. We had everything in common and race never even came up. It just so happened that she was white and I was Asian, but we never really thought of it that way. I finally mustered up enough courage to ask her out and we've been together ever since.

I wish back in my lonelier days where I desperately searched for love in all of the wrong places there were online interracial dating resources like there are now. I would have been all over that. Even just to meet other people who are interested in, or attracted to the same types of people I am would have been a monumental help in my self esteem.

I’m now happily in an interracial relationship and my girlfriend or I haven’t been any happier. Of course, like any relationship, it takes time and hard work, but now we can both be together and happy with each other in our lives. Race may be a fact of life, but choosing who to be with is in your heart.

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