Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Worldwide Views on Interracial Relationships

Interracial relationships and the way people perceive them vary an incredible amount depending on where in the world you are. For example in the southern United States there are still areas where racism thrives and the idea of an interracial couple is grounds for harassment. There are also places like the west coast of the United States where interracial relationships are entirely commonplace and accepted. It really completely depends on geography and the demographic of the people in the area. If there is that much variance within the United States, then obviously worldwide the same pattern can be recognized.

Worldwide acceptance of interracial relationships varies from country to country and city to city, just as it would any other place in the world. There are of course areas where it is far more widely accepted than others. For example Canada is one of the most widely recognized countries for being open to interracial couples. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to walk the streets in any major city and not see a black and white mixed couple or an Asian and white mixed couple. It's quite a welcome and amazing site to see.

Countries in the Middle East on the other hand are notorious for being not as willing to accept interracial couples.  Many often forbid it in more strict areas and cultural stereotypes belittle the idea often from birth.

A common theme seems that where there are more people of different races in general are where there are more likely to be more accepting interracial communities. Canada, like America, is an incredibly diverse cultural melting pot. The presence of so many different nationalities in such booming cities makes it inevitable for interracial love to blossom. Places like Afghanistan where there are few foreigners present on a larger scale would simply not allow for interracial relationships to even arise.

All in all, it really does depend on where you live to find interracial love. You just might get lucky and be the exception, but you would certainly have better chances in a place where it is more common. The great thing about the modern day is that you can have access to interracial dating communities like this to meet people from all over the world regardless of where you actually live, or where your possible love is from.

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