Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Glen and Maggie From Walking Dead: America's Favorite Interracial Couple

For the fans of the AMC television show, The Walking Dead, this last week's episode and season finale was a heart breaker. We saw another main character who has been there since the first season go, but there was an even bigger announcement for those of us who love to love the interracial relationship of Glen and Maggie. They have been an unconventional couple ever since their inception in the second season when the Asian American city dweller met the farm country girl, but they have been inseparable ever since. Last week's episode was especially important for them because Glen decided to take his devotion to Maggie to the next level and ask her father's permission to marry her. Of course, this kind of devotion is praised in a post apocalyptic zombie crazed world, and he agreed.

After receiving the blessing from Maggie's father, he did what any hopeless romantic needing an engagement ring in the world of the living dead would do and found a “walker” with a ring and cut it right off of her hand. Romantic right? Don't worry I'm sure he washed it off, or at least wiped it off first. It was a special day for Glen and Maggie as this Asian and white couple was now solidified officially to hope to one day get married.

I've never been a huge fan of television shows in general, but I must admit this show has me hooked. It is one of the most engaging and entertaining series I have ever watched, and the fact that there is a very unconventional interracial couple at the heart of it makes me love it that much more. It is a manly man's show with killing and action in every episode, but somehow it garners the attention of every man and woman who comes across it on tv. Even though you'd expect them to be more hesitant about featuring such an interracial couple so prominently in such a highly watched show, they don't at all and it makes me incredibly happy to see. All this does is show that the trend we have been discussing for months is still happening. Interracial relationships are still on the rise and the acceptance of them is nothing short of becoming commonplace. This is an amazing trend and makes me, one half of an interracial couple, incredibly happy to see.

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