Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Product of Interracial Relationships are now Old Enough to do the Same

Back in the 60s and 70s interracial relationships were finally starting to happen in a meaningful way. The previously frowned upon combinations of races were still being shown public hatred and disapproval, but in the privacy of the reforming world these relationships were still happening. This created an interesting situation because the couples that were forming back then were having children who are now having children themselves. This means that in the first significant way, the second generation of these interracial children are arriving into the world and in the spotlight.

The title of race is becoming more and more a term of unclear intentions. A person who is considered black in our current day is really most likely at least one or two generations removed from being 100% black by ancestry. Most black people who live in the US have been having children with another race at some point in recent history. So, while we still undeniably have “black” people, the real definition of a black person is in no way a static term. In a few decades all people will be mixed together and carry various traits of every race. As the walls surrounding interracial marriage come down, so do the borders defining race themselves.

As a child of a mixed couple, and in an interracial relationship myself, it is interesting to consider the interplay of race and the children of the next generation. To break this down a little more clearly before it gets confusing let's look at it this way. My mom was the daughter of an Irish man and a Japanese woman. This makes her 50% Japanese and 50% Irish. This is pretty common in today's world to have someone who is two racial backgrounds, one from each parent. Now, my mother who is half Japanese, half Irish married and had children with my father who is 100% Japanese. This makes me 75% Japanese and 25% Irish. Although this is less common than other mixtures, it is still somewhat normal seeing as how it is still only two races that come into play. To illustrate my point about how this can begin to become confusing let's bring my girlfriend into the mix. She is 25% German, 25% Irish, and 50% French. This means if we had children they would be an odd mixture of a multitude of nationalities. This is not going to be uncommon in many generations to come, rather this will be the norm. I'll spare the craziness of figuring out exactly what fractions the kids would be exactly, but they would be French, Irish, Japanese, and German.

As our world progresses and gets more and more accepting of couples of different faiths, nationalities, religions and world areas, this will only get more and more common. The children of each generation hence forth will be such a large mixture of all of the ethnicities that race and the idea of interracial marriage won't be an issue anymore.

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