Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Interracial dating: The Comfort of Dating Within Your Race vs Personal Desires

It's everywhere. People of one race seem to flock more to the people of their won race. Whether it's an Asian couple, a black couple, or a white couple it is so often that we see two people of the same ethnicity doing something together in public, holding hands, kissing or just being together. It is so common, yet it brings up the question of whether or not these people would have initially been in a relationship with other people, of other races if given the opportunity and without public stigma attached.

Where does personal preference end and where does society's interference begin? Is it in our genes to want to be with people of the same race or different races by nature? These kinds of questions are so interesting to people who admit to themselves that they are interested in interracial dating since they are the kinds of validation points for them personally as to what justifies going out with someone who society, or even their own family might not approve of. In the end of the day I think it is all based in physical attraction. In terms of physical attraction where does the line get drawn with actual attraction preferences towards someone's own race and the race of others? I can only speak for myself, but for me, it is hard to deny that people of all races can be very attractive. I can see a black woman, white woman, or asian woman and see them as all being incredibly sexually attractive. There is not one racial group that I look at and legitimately never have an attraction towards. I feel like it is not genuine if you do, or it is simply learned hatred or just being raised without that kind of comfort.

In today's day and age with the television and movies showing all types of people, al types of cultures all over the world exposure to all kinds of people is inevitable. Technology has linked the world in a way that has made everything transparent. A white kid in the United States can see an African woman or a Chinese woman just as easily as they could a white woman on television. The boundaries are slimming and I believe that kind of lack of censorship to the people they see everyday just goes to allow them to realize attraction at a younger age.

I think the only real substantial reason so many people date within their race is comfort and geography. People of certain ethnicities tend to live in generally the same area. Those people's parent's often times are also of the same race which means they have grown up seeing that as a normal couple. Dating within one's own race is then not even as much of a conscious decision as you would think. If you weigh in the factors of who lives near you and who you could even date then most people are vastly more likely to date someone of their own race or ethnicity simply out of exposure and ease. The real attraction is not necessarily rooted in the idea that they find their own race the most attractive or that they would only want to date someone like themselves.

The idea of dating outside of one's own race is nothing new. I believe it will grow in popularity exponentially as time goes on and as people and races mix more geographically and in the world in general.

By Mark

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