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Interracial relationships around the world – black and white dating free

Eastern culture and interracial dating


Australia is a multicultural continent where dating someone special of a different ethnicity is no longer uncommon. They date people as individuals depending on whether they are great people and how they behave. They don’t believe being specific about getting married to one's own racial or religious group, and thus why interracial marriages increased quite lots in past few years in Australia


The demography and the language of the country may contribute a barrier to interracial dating. People with high population of same race and ethnicity with considerably less number of foreigners and even lesser of those who can speak Japanese is a huge factor, why there is so little interracial dating in Japan. There aren’t really enough white foreigners to make it a common situation. But there are still evidence of interracial dating between Japanese and some Asian people and African people too.


There are some strict reservations against interracial dating among communities in parts of south Asian countries, the parents of the couple would readily disown their children if they find them to be in such relationships and there is concept of at most cruelty called ‘Honour killing’, sacrificing their child for the sake of religion or culture still prevailing in suburbs of some south Asian countries. However, interracial relationships do exist around the Asian countries from ancient history until today. Relationships do exist between Asian and African people. The child born between these two races is considered Blasian. The minor population of Asian community in western world are also a part of interracial dating in that part of the world.

The central world


As like any other countries Africa does have some stereotypes about interracial relationships, dating beyond the black community is considered disrespect to their culture and ethnicity, but the history depicts higher population of mulatto throughout Africa mostly the results of interracial relationships between Arab and European men and black women. For the African community in US, due to the painful history of slavery and the taboos that accompanied the institution, most people still think in terms of black and white when it comes to interracial dating. In reality, black white dating and marriage happens less frequently than it does with other ethnic groups.


Europe as a whole is a multicultural place, with immigrant cultures included. The people are more open minded towards interracial acceptance. European countries are few among the top list accepting interracial dating and relationships.

The Western world


Interracial dating in the western world really is not what we expect it to be, there are still those who are opposed to interracial couples and there are communities that reject it entirely. People’s strict adherence to their ethnicity and race, fear of accepting a mixture between culture, social and peer pressure and racial ideologies are still part of some western lifestyle that stands a strong barriers for interracial dating, the black and white dating is still a stigmatic issue. Nevertheless, the most common interracial relationships between American exist between Caucasians and Afro-Americans, the European- Americans and Asians, Afro American’s and Spanish Americans, and rarely between Afro- Americans and Asians.

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