Saturday, August 17, 2013


Eastern culture and interracial dating

The widely spoken context of African- American and Caucasians dating is relatively less while considering the majority of dating patterns among every other community in US.

· The painful past of African slavery in United States had become a stumbling block in the way of Afro- American and Caucasian interracial dating, but some people who now claim themselves as pure Caucasians might have a history of African blood in them and some people who claim themselves a pure Africans might even have the history of white blood in them.

· Though the concept on interracial dating grew up only after 1968, there is an everlasting history of interracial relationship existing in every culture around the world

· The increase in rate of immigration to western countries is a good chance of increase in interracial relationships because there is a perfect interracial match

· Countries with enclosed system of languages and customs are less likely to be a part of interracial dating

· London, New York, Sydney, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro are the cities considered to be the best places for interracial dating throughout the world

· There were strict laws against interracial dating in every part of the world which were broken in course period of changing generations

· Still in suburbs of some south Asian countries the parents of interracial couples would sacrificing their children for their pride of race and religion in the name of ‘Honour killing’.

· Western countries takes the pride of having high rates of interracial dating compared to eastern countries, Europe and US being the highest

· Many people in today's dating pool are themselves children of parents of different races; the chance of mixed race population is rising to 50% in the same period of time. There is evidence of these children being more successful, in spite of the difficulties they are expected to face in the social environment

· Unfortunately, stereotypes and untrue assumptions based on racial believes stands a point in interracial dating  such as Asian women being more submissive, Latinos women are thought to be more passionate and fervent. A relationship build on this basis makes dating a disaster.

· Despite the racial stigma being common between older generation even youngsters in some part of the world are still ignorant about interracial dating and do have ideologies against such relationships. Some studies show that youth from higher income families are slightly less likely to date interracially. The search option in websites for white men dating black women is an add-on to search and compare partners for those who are in need

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