Sunday, August 18, 2013

Myths and facts about interracial black white dating

Myth: It is not a committed relationship

Fact: Commitment stands with the maturity of the individual and the compatibility between each other. Black women want to meet white men and they have a very understanding relationship and true friendship combined with a lovable bond for each other. This breaks the taboo that interracial relationships are based on mere physical attraction or just a casual and at the same time a non-serious relationship. Moreover, these fantastic couples are found determined to live in a committed relationship to prove their critics wrong.

If the fact that difference in behaviour and attitudes between two people of different races may break the relationship, then every individual has distinct character and attitude, when we bring two people together it is impossible that they are going to act and behave the same way in every situation.

Myth: Being a multiracial couple, we do not believe in our own culture or dissatisfied with our own race

Fact: That is not true, though there are some who exclusively prefer dating outside their race or in some cases people may find unique qualities in certain races that they do not find in themselves that does not mean that they are dissatisfied with their race or ethnicity.  In common, people are simply trying to find their most suitable soul mate regardless of the race; it is because they consider the connection with their soul mate more than anything else does.

Myth: Interracial dating is always between a black person and a white person

Fact : No, Interracial marriage is as common as any other marriages all around the world, they are more common even in the eastern part of the world and there are statistics of interracial relationships between Japanese and African people too, a child born to an African and Asian is called a Blasian.

In US , due to the painful history of slavery and the taboos that accompanied the institution, still the words black and white strikes their mind when it comes to interracial dating. According to a survey, the most common interracial relationship is white men and Asian women, while the less common interracial relationship is found to be between Asian men and black women.

Myth: We do not think about our future or our children

Fact: Right from naming the child to its living environment a biracial kid is given the chance of understanding their heritage and culture a high priority. The child born from multicultural couples would gain a knowledge value in multiple cultural perspectives and will be able to get along with people of more than one racial group.  The parents will also understand about their own sense of identity while they are bringing up their children that would in turn help both the parents and the children. Children from interracial marriages are no longer denied the same benefits and privileges as the children prior to Loving.

Myth: Interracial dating is morally and socially unacceptable

Fact: Interracial relationship is morally and socially acceptable, in the book of Exodus God had pre-ordained the marriage of Moses, his servant (Jew) to his wife Zipporah (Ethiopian) before they even met each other. People of older generation will believe that our society will not accept such interracial relationships, but they have closed their eyes against the fact that it is gradually becoming more and more accepted socially.

Myth:  joining just to change the social status

Fact: If this is the case, interracial dating is not the only platform. The idea of acquiring economic or social advancement is deplorable to those seeking connection and companionship with their mate. There are quite a few dating sites for white women and black men and the relationship can be kick-started here. Sounds interesting?

Myth: We do not care about their family and their social life

Fact: More than any other couples, multiracial couples are forced to face a lot of psychological distress both within their group and from outside world too, as they have an responsibility to face and solve the disputes arising between two families and two different communities, the worst part is their most painful shots are not from their own disagreeing family but from a stranger’s annoying looks.

There is no mistake in a couple who see commitment and love beyond races but it is the view of the society that stands a barrier for interracial couples to lead a normal happy life. They do have every right to live life as happy as any other loving couple.

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