Sunday, August 18, 2013

Character beyond colour - true expectations of every woman in an interracial match

What do any women expect in a relationship in her man irrespective of physical appearance, ethnicity and social status?

To be respectful:

Love and respect are directly proportional to each other, It is more important to respect a person you are committed to maintain a healthy relationship and to honour and respect the other person’s feeling and intentions to stay connected in a lifelong successful relationship.

Some Afro-American women are happy about the respect and importance they get in a relationship with a Caucasian man, which they feel it is sometimes denied in their same community and “black white dating” is considered a threat to culture.

Some statistics states in some Caucasian woman, the thought of Asian culture and male dominance keeps them away from Asian men.

To be trustworthy:

Trust is the key element that has an important role in building a relationship. Love may have been the key to starting the bond, but being trustworthy yourself, and completely trusting your partner will be one of the things that make it last for long. In a trusting relationship each partner is committed to being honest with one another in their dealings, they rely on each other to be open and abstain from cheating. There are several interracial singles dating site which offer free chat, forums, blogs, etc..

Some research points the rate of long-term relationship between a Caucasian woman and an Afro-American man is low as compared to it between an Afro-American woman and a Caucasian man due to the aspect of being honest and trustworthy

To be Responsible:

Responsibility is being accountable. It is measured as trustworthiness; the trait of a person being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct. A man's worth is valued by his sense of responsibility. People believe an important task cannot be completed by an amateur, as commitment being most important in life a woman will not give it to an amateur, We put our trust only to people that can be trusted and works for women too.

Men brought up in a closely knitted secured family are more likely to take up the responsibility of the family making their environment secured and comfortable to live in.

To be stable:

As love matures, relationship stabilizes. A stable relationship can be maintained by being honest with each other, trustworthy, and having an open communication with the partner, understanding and respecting the other’s feelings. Feeling responsible in a relationship helps keep the commitment for a long time

To make them feel secured:

Yes, woman at some point would truly calculate how her man could make her feel secured emotionally socially and financially, it is a soul responsibility of a man. Not just from romance partners but we expect family members and friends to provide an emotionally comfortable and secured environment.

To be smart and good looking:

Looking good off course is a criteria woman would see in men and that is not predominant, but still would expect being mentally smart. Women are attracted to a man who is good-looking but when it comes to being in a committed relationship, a woman would expect her man to meet all the above needs. It is important for a man to have these qualities to have a successful long-term relationship.

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