Sunday, August 18, 2013


The context of interracial dating is no new to any country in this world, ‘Like attracts like’ we get attracted to another when we find something admirable about the person; we should feel ourselves in them. Basically, a woman would expect her soul mate of their choice to be good looking off course, responsible, respecting and trustworthy and none of these characters have anything to do with the colour or race of the man. Every living creature has something acceptable and admirable. Then what is the big deal with racial stigma? Isn’t love colour blind? What’s wrong with white men looking for black women?
Nevertheless, yes, there are some stigmas, we do face some psychological stress at points when we are about to take up our relationships beyond dating.
Parents are most concerned about their child’s future and they do have a second thought when it comes to dating beyond races, here are some reasons why parents are reserved against interracial relationship
•    Fear and/or ignorance of the other culture
•    Concerned about the maturity level of their children to accept such relationships
•    Peer pressure and  pressure of approval and acceptance in their own society
•    Some negative experience they came across from an interracial relationship

“She might not know the implications, she is young” – a caring mom

•    Fear that it may cause cultural clashes between families and/or couple
•    Fear that their grandchildren’s future
•    Conventional, cannot accept certain radical changes
How to handle the parents if they are NO to such relationships would depend strictly upon your age, maturity level, and level of independence. If your family has reservations about your mate, feel comfortable to get their reason and try to have a mature discussion with them.
Easy to solve
•    Find your family opinion and evaluate the people in your family as soon as you contemplate interracial dating.
•    Keep the communication open with both family members to understand the people for and against it
                “I told my dad about her, and he said ‘it’s OK if you are truly committed’”- A student
•    Arrange both the family discuss and interact with each other
•    Be stable and strong in the relationship
•    And be confident about yourself and your relationship

Yourself,  yes apart from the parent’s pressure, the younger generation themselves at times hold them away from other races, the reasons maybe, either they are so adhered to their ethnicity or they do have fear coming out and exploring a new aspect of a relationship because they may feel safe within their group or may be due to peer pressure.
A relationship blooms with the delight of finding someone we have a spiritual, mental and emotional connection to. People generally are attracted to those who are similar to them. This compatibility in character can be beyond colours, culture and countries, You should choose a person who compatible in love and affection and not in colour, There is nothing beyond this little sapling of stigmatization in peoples heart for interracial dating, pinch off and throw them out, embrace the beauty of two people falling in love with each other’s heart — not their ethnicity.

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