Friday, October 11, 2013

A Child - of an interracial couple (Interracial dating)

In this fast moving century Evolution is no new word. Understanding that a part of us is always evolving into a new world with no catch for the races, the acceptance for multi-racial people has taken a positive leap now-a- days.

Being a person with biracial identity, now I can enjoy the pride and privilege of both the cultures I belong to. I am confident of what I am and who I am to this world. But, it started when I was a kid.

At an age where I can realize that I look different from most of my family members. When my friend was more inquisitive to know how I got this colour. I stood confused.  My mom gave me the answer. She explained me about skin colours and how they have nothing to do with human characters. She told me “Me and your father got married after interracial dating. We are of different races but we loved each other for what we are”. I understood that life is something just beyond skin colours.

Here it is a responsibility of every multi-racial couple, as a parent, to make the child understand what races are; Why he or she is different and being different is always good and not anything weird.

’ Tell her what gave that curly tuft of hair and tell him how he is a blend of two colours. Tell them to stand up for themselves, but at the same time they should endure kindness and patience throughout their life.’

Research states that children born out of interracial marriages are found with no difference in level of depression or anxiety issues and they are found to be more confident and with more self-esteem than the other kids.

Every child needs a pillar of support from the family members while they grow up; I was lucky enough to have a memorable relationship with my grandparents. Grandparents are treasures to any child. They are those who make the child feel being loved and so special, and sometimes spoiled too.

Parents of interracial couples face social issues that they are unaware of how to handle. This makes them move away from their children and their grandchildren whom they love the most. Yes this would always affect a child. Overcoming these issues with proper parental guidance and support from the elders in the family can help the child accept and enjoy the mine of every culture they belong to.

Children born to interracial couples accepted by both families are found to grow happier and healthier than the child destined to a particular race even though being a biracial.

As and when I grew up, my parents grew more concerned about my identity and social life, what race to specify in my school admissions? Will I be accepted among my friends circle? Yes, I had friend of every race. In fact, we were not particular about our colours. Will my dating partner’s parents accept me? Yes they did. The world swirls so fast. Every family have evolved to have a drop of different blood in their origin and everything has to change as the Earth spins AND IT DID.

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