Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Popularity of Interracial Dating in the USA

I recently came across an incredibly mind blowing info-graphic of the popularity of interracial dating in the United States. I'm from the New England, North Eastern part of the country and I know it's pretty accepted, but I had no idea how accepted compared to the rest of the country. The states that made the top twenty were not only surprising to me, but some of them have a downright negative connotation for the way people think of racism. This just showed that the acceptance and commonality of interracial dating is getting to the point where even the states that people think would never be accepting of it are coming around to get with the times.

The number one state is no surprise. California takes the crown and I don't think that shocks anyone. California is always on the cusp of conventionality and makes room for everyone since the state is so ethnically diverse itself. Then after that is when it starts to get more and more surprising. If I had to throw a guess out there number two would have been one of the least friendly states for this, but I guess this just shows how I am exhibiting my own preconceived notions about stereotypes. Texas made the list at second place. The state somewhat famous for their lack of acceptance of other races in the past is apparently changing their ways according to recent polls. This is an incredible shift and just shows how the US is changing with the times.

The most shocking part of all of this information is the appearance of the map. You would think it would mostly be the northeast and the west coast. It is shockingly based on the east, other than California, and almost all of the southern states, excluding New Mexico. This is precisely not at all what I would have expected.

I am very happy that the south of the United States, which so many people think of as being a racist haven which isn't accepting of interracial people or relationships is showing exactly how untrue that is. The funnier, or interesting take on the information also is how the map breaks down the states by political preferences. The split of democratic and republican states is right down the middle at 10 a piece for the top twenty states which is another surprising statistic. You would expect the more liberal states to take most of the spots as they would be more open to anything, but that again is not the case.

This is one of the most interesting info graphics that anyone who is interested in interracial dating and relationships should take a look at. It can be found at, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/11/top-20...

by Mark

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