Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is Ethnic background an obstacle in Interracial Dating

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What is ethnic background all about?

Ethnic background actually refers to the cultural background of any individual. Ideally an individual cannot adapt other cultures so easily and especially when it comes to interracial dating, they cannot adapt their partners so easily because they care for their ethnicity.

An obstacle

Yes, indeed ethnic background is an obstacle to interracial dating. The reason is that any individual is brought up with their cultural background and believes from childhood. If at all due to various reasons they fall in love or date with a person who is from a different ethnic background then it becomes an obstacle. They will not be able to immediately adapt to the other culture given the fact that their partner forces them to follow his / her own ethnicity. The couples suffer a lot from the prejudice of others in large. However, in fact, the ethnic groups bring more richness and variety to the world and this would be easily disagreed by a society that is culturally bound.

In USA, during the 1960’s about 17 states were against the interracial marriages. However, now USA is considered as a country where interracial marriages are easy. Nevertheless, many in the USA disagree to this statement. However, why are interracial couples not being accepted and seen just as human beings loving each other? Cultural differences and racial issues put more pressure on interracial couples and they are forced to separate. The interracial couples need to fight for their living, endure the problems in the state and fight for their basic rights.

Detailed insights with examples

For example, if an African marries an American (ideally a black and white marriage), the kids suffer a lot. The society groups them as Black and White. There is nothing wrong if you are a black. Yet, from childhood these children are being taught and brought up in a way that black s are inferior and have fewer rights in the society they live in.

In fact, the interracial couples themselves need to be confident and believe in each other rather than forcing the other partner to follow their culture and beliefs. For example, in most Asian countries, the children are taken care even after their marriages and their families are closely-knit. However, in the USA, after attaining puberty they are living alone. This it is a big cultural and ethnic difference when it comes to interracial marriages. These need to be changed and people should be accepted as they are.


As per the United States census bureau, the following pie chart displays the interracial couple’s marriage details.

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