Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How do parents feel about the partners of interracial couples?

interracial dating
Most parents and members of the family understand that dating is an approved method of the western world that enables two individuals understand each other about the strength and weaknesses of them and help them to decide whether it would suit them to get married or not.  Although the concept of dating is time tested and old enough, still there exist problems relating to the interracial dating that ends up in marriage. There is no denial of the fact that an individual is free to choose a date, but often the interracial couples are mired in the controversies and public debate about their choice of partner. Some of the parents who are positive of dating, at times, do not take it lightly when the dating involves interracial date.

Talking to most parents who disapprove the interracial dating of their wards, they often quote that the main problem they foresee in such circumstances is the disapproval of the relationship of the members of their family, friends and society including the people at work. While this is considered as the major issue in interracial marriages, one of the side issues is the absence of open communication between the parents and the dating couple and this leads to misunderstanding about the motives behind such marriages. Parents think that as a minor or a student their children are not that matured enough to adventure into interracial dating, and they should listen to their wise advice and respect their views so long as they protect and educate them with their money.

The best course open to the interracial dating couple is to open dialogue with their respective parents, convey their feelings for one another, clear any misconceptions about their race and true intention in dating and win over them to have a peaceful and cherished married life. Once intentions are made clear, as in most cases, apprehensions holding the parents against the interracial relationship start fading away, and make the parents look at the brighter side of the relationship. The stumbling block of belief system about a race can be crushed once matters and customs relating to that race is discussed openly with  the family as such discussions help reveal the culture, customs and strengths of the other belief system. The present misconceptions of parents about the interracial relationships are bound to be pushed aside over a period on becoming aware of the strengths behind those relationships.

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