Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Cup 2014 – Breaking records, exclaims FIFA

World cup

FIFA has released a news report, which has figures highlighting the broadcast (early ones) and confirms there is a great interest amongst people for football. The records of Television viewing across the globe have been high during the 1st round of matches (held in groups). To be more precise, countries where football was never watched or watched very limitedly have shown more interest in watching World cup 2014. Large volumes of people have been reported watching football matches very eagerly. One reason is that this world cup went high-tech and there are many replays.

Fans across Australia and the United States of America keep an eye on their televisions to watch their teams play at the World Cup tournaments and keep their fingers crossed for a win. As per FIFA, about 11.1 million fans watched ESPN for the 1st round of games between Ghana and the United States of America. It is considered as the highest number of views ever recorded for World Cup tournaments.

Adding to this, FIFA further said that about 42.9 million viewers who watched the tournament between Croatia and Brazil held on 12th June 2014 on famous TV Globo (A Brazilian TV Network), thereby making it the most viewed sports of the year. About 14.2 million people watched the 1-0 win of Italy over England on the world famous BBC1 of the United Kingdom and about 12.8 million watched it on RAI 1. This was the highest record of people watching it in both these countries for the current world cup 2014.

FIFA also said that there were about 26.4 million viewers who watched the hat trick 4-0 win of Thomas Muller over Portugal on famous channel ARD in Germany. Again, this was the highest record of 2014 as per FIFA.

The defeat of Japan by Ivory Coast witnessed a record-breaking high of 34.1 million people in Japanese fame NHK this year. Few other highs to mention were recorded in France, Argentina, Croatia, and Netherlands and in French parts of Belgium.

Niclas Ericson (FIFA’s director) said to media that the above figures that are breaking records just shows how football as a game is becoming more popular and he is proud to be the director of FIFA. He also said FIFA has spent about $150 million in broadcasting the tournament alone. Nevertheless, FIFA’s mission is to increase the spirit of Football across the globe and support the game in every aspect.

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