Monday, March 23, 2015

Things black women looking for white men should know.

black women looking for white men
black women looking for white men

People have different preferences with whom they fall in love with. Women have not been left behind in this because there are black women looking for white men because they prefer them to black men. Whatever the reason for their preference, black women should know that there are some misconceptions that have been provided about white men.

One of the biggest misconceptions is on the performance of the white men, especially on the size of their member. This is an unnecessary issue because the success of each relationship is not based on the size but on how people relate. People even from the same race can have different physical attributes the same way they are different in character. As you go looking for that white man, know that people are different.

Some women think that white men are all gentlemen and will treat them with respect. The truth is that how a person behaves depends on his character and not race. Any man from any race can treat a woman well and care about her, and the same is true about mistreating and lack of respect. You should therefore, not be stereotypical about men when out there looking for a white man.

Most people assume that because you are now dating a white man, you do not like black men, and you no longer want to date them. It could be that you fell in love with the man because of the qualities you found in him and not necessarily because he is white. The same case could have taken place if the man was black. As you date a white man, you should know that some people would see you as sellout because they may not understand that you treat all as individuals, not unless you are sellout.

Children are a blessing no matter how they look like. It is always misconceived that if you get married to a white man, your children will have a light skin and silky hair. The truth is that genes have a way of establishing themselves, and the children may end up with a dark skin and kinky hair just like yours. The important thing is to treat children as unique individuals and to teach them to accept who they are and support them in their aspirations. Therefore, if you are looking for a white man so that you can get light skinned with silky haired children, then you are on the wrong track. What happens if they do not turn out that way? Will you disown them?

Relationships should be based on love regardless of whether it is interracial dating or not. They should also be based on compatibility between the partners, which is largely influenced by the characters of the individuals. Therefore, if you are out there looking for a white man to date, you should have a clear mind and not be carried away by misconceptions that go around about having relationships with white men.

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