Monday, March 23, 2015

The causes for increase in black women white men dating

interracial dating
black women white men dating
Nowadays, there are more black women white men dating in the society and as usual, interracial relationships do not go without notice. There are always all manners of reasons as to why this is happening, and most of them do not consider that it could have happened because of love. Some of the reasons given are that the women are no longer appreciated by their black male counterparts, and they end up looking for love elsewhere. The other reason is that the men are now dating white women, others are in incarceration and therefore, there are few men left for the women. Others claim that black men are irresponsible and cannot maintain a monogamous relationship.

While some or all of this may be true, most black men feel they are unjustly judged. There are many men who are black and married to black women, they are responsible and their relationships have lasted for a long time. They feel that the women are just providing an excuse to give for their dating outside the race.
The question of which side is right remains. Are the men neglecting their responsibilities and abandoning the women such that the women are too tired to wait for them to be responsible? Do the men prefer white women rather than women from their race? On the other hand, are the women too difficult to deal with, that the men are now dating white women resulting to fewer men for the women? Could it be that is it love that is bringing the black women and white men together without any other causes?

Whatever the cause, it remains that there is an increase in black women white men dating. It could be the women have given up on the black men, or they just prefer white men. It could also be that the white men now prefer black women. Therefore, another question that comes up is why would white men prefer black women?

Most people think that a white man dating a black woman is out of fetish and that the relationship could never be serious. They view it as a relationship that is not serious and when the man gets tired of the relationship, he will just leave the black woman and look for a white woman to marry. While this could be true to some relationships, it could also be true that the white man is genuinely interested and in love with a black woman. It may be that more white men are now becoming open in whom they have relationships with, without worrying about race.

This does not remove the fact that the society still views these relationships curiously. No matter their basis, interracial dating is still considered controversial. The couple will still get the comments and stares with people wondering how they got together. For those in genuine relationships, as long as it is based on love, the challenges can be easy to carry with each other’s support.

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