Friday, February 6, 2015

(Interracial dating) Should you be worried about your parents when you date outside your race?

There has been some kind worry tagged on to persons who date a person outside their race. Generally people worry about many things which are not worries at all. You may worry about an incident that may or may not happen. If the incident doesn’t happen, all your worries go in the drain but as feared when the incident actually happens that would not be so worrisome. So why do you worry at all? The kind of worry now we are talking is about most of the daters who worry when he/she date a person belonging to a different race. Apart from worrying about their peers, they worry most about their parents, thinking that they may not approve such a dating.  But till you test with your parents, you may not know what is in their minds.  In the western world most of the parents understand that dating is an approved method which helps two individuals understand each other about their likes and dislikes and whether they can forge a bond of marriage as a result of their dating.

Dating one another is a time tested concept, and as an individual every one has a right to choose and date a person. But here, the worry is not about dating but about interracial dating. No doubt, in this modern age, most parent who have positive thinking approve their wards interracial dating. But still there are families who disapprove such dating and relationships. Persons who date must be aware that it is natural for some of their peers, relations, and friends criticize their choice of person to date. While you need not worry about the comments from them, you must take into account the feelings of your parents. Some parents are genuinely worried that as minor or a student their children are not that matured enough to enter into inter racial relationships. As their concern is genuine and they are wise enough, as a minor it is always better to date with the consent of the parents, as they are your providers and well wishers.

Well, in respect of matured adults, if you wish to seriously date a person outside your race, it is always better to let your parent know of your desires. If you have the slightest doubt about their approval, please open a dialogue with them, convey about your feelings, clear any misconceptions about the other race and talk to them about your genuine interest, and try to win over them to have a cherished married life. Once the matter is discussed and intentions become clear, in most of the cases, apprehensions worrying the parent fade away and make them look at the brighter prospects of such marriages. The belief system of conservative parents blocking interracial dating will be pushed aside and with open mind they would accept the reality. Nobody expects surprises including your parent who is interested in you, and it is your openness with them that would mitigate all your unnecessary worries.

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