Friday, May 29, 2015

Can you keep your interracial relationship as a secret

Dating is an individuals right and is considered as a stepping stone to a future relationship known as marriage. While peers, friends and relatives have very little or nothing to advice or comment about your choice of date, parents do have concern over dating of their children Still there are many parents who disapprove interracial dating of their children as they base their judgments on race, ethnicity, skin and color. Sometimes, when you date a person from other race, you could see people raising their eyebrows, when they cross over you on roads or in malls. But, when you are in love with a person of your choice, all these  adverse comments, unwanted advice doesn’t matter at all, provided both of you are in genuine love. Some interracial couple may feel shy to let the world know of their dating, as they will have fear of getting adverse comments. So, they tend to hide their love to each other openly and date without the knowledge of others. But how long this kind of secretive dating will go on? It’s practically difficult to hide your love and feeling towards the person you are dating and sometimes you have to be expressive and you cannot  express freely, when you fear about the comments of others.

Secretive dating without the knowledge of your parents may throw in a huge surprise for them when they come know about your dating through others. They may feel that you have morally cheated them, as they always cared for you and worried about your well being. In case, you feel that your parents have negative views of interracial dating, you have to take a bold step to convey your desire to them and by speaking to them over and over, reasoning out your choice of date, and most parents tend to change their views. In the case of your peers and friends, it all depends on how you talk to them about your relationship openly and make them understand the genuineness of your dating. In being open, you will feel comfortable in dating as you are ready to meet the comments and you have drawn strategies to overcome the comments. There may be a situation when a  few could not be convinced of your dating, but you are sure of your relationship, there is nothing wrong in going  ahead with your dating, after all it’s your choice to date.

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