Monday, July 20, 2015

Is language a barrier in Interracial dating?

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interracial dating

Keeping your interest and love to yourself is as good as not having any such thing, till you openly express them. Express your love to your date when you go on a date with your loved one. If both of you have English as your mother tongue, there should not be any problem in expressing your interest to your date and understanding of it. Most feel that expressing their love in their mother tongue, helps them to convey the message in clear terms and with feeling from heart. This is because; you have been taught with your mother tongue from your early age and have been using that language to converse till now. You can fluently and without any grammatical mistake convey your message without any ambiguity. But attraction doesn’t develop only after knowing that the other person also speaks your language. It is common to see interracial dating, wherever you go and many may be wondering in which language they will converse and express feelings to each other and whether it would be meaningful. This kind of thinking will be more when you see people dating belong to two different cultures like an English speaking native dating an East Asian.

Of course, during the initial days of your interracial dating, a person dating having a different mother tongue, may try to express his feelings with action and in a common language known to both of them. As days pass, both of them may feel that they are unable to fully express their love and affection in some other language. To tide over such a situation, and create more bonding among yourselves, why not both of you try to learn at least the key words of the language of your date. If you express your love in a language well known to your date, that surprise look you see in the eyes of your date and the appreciation you will be getting is worth a try. Knowing another language is always good for any individual, and in the case of interracial couples, their wards would be blessed to know two languages which would help them understand two different cultures. Speaking in the mother tongue of your date will pay rich dividend and be sure that your date would surely help you master the language.

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