Monday, April 18, 2016

Five misconceptions about white guys dating Asian girls

Welcome to the world of online dating and hearty congratulation and wishing all the best to those online daters who made their choice to date Asian girls. Dating Asian girls by White men are on the increase, and it appears to continue in the coming decades. Seeing such couples everywhere, particularly in bigger American cities evidences this. It’s coming to a stage now, that if someone in your family tells you that he is dating an Asian girl, you may not be surprised with the information. But what about the inner feelings of the elders in such white man’s family?  How many of such elders in the family of whites still think that their ward dating an Asian girl is suffering from an infected incurable disease called Yellow Fever. This myth of yellow fever is only a misinformation/ misconception tagged to the White man dating an Asian girl.

Most old generations in the west and the strong-headed whites consider that the Asian girls would eventually take away all the whites. But they must understand that most of the Asian girls are not interested in whites and if a white man thinks that an Asian girls loves him because he is white, then he is not only wrong but must blast away such thoughts from his mind altogether. This could be due to the influence of seeing the old war movies where Asian girls fall for whites. The year now is 2016, and the Asian girls know what they want and set their priorities accordingly. The second myth is that the Asian girls tend to woe and end up with old white men. How conveniently, people forget that there are also lots of young white girls falling for old whites and so the earlier argument doesn’t hold good. If you look at the real world now, it could be seen that teenage American guys are dating Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Indian girls. College campuses are full of such lovely couples of whites and Asians. Some of the young feminists who could not get the attention of the Asian girls make propaganda that Asian woman is too submissive and weak. But most western men know that while there may be some submissive Asian girls most of them are well educated and hold excellent careers and rather polite in nature and not too dramatic.

Some of the whites have the misconception that the Asian girls date a white with an agenda to get a green card. They forget that they are already in the west either studying or gainfully employed and for getting a green card they need not date a white on interracial dating site or offline. Often whites think that Asian woman cannot be like an American woman. Unlike western women, Asian women are non-materialistic, educated, selfless and sincere to the core and white men who have married an Asian woman can simply live a happy life. The Asian woman is a complete package, capable of not only taking care of her husband but also the children and family. 

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